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    26 Kitchen Tools And Gadgets That’ll Make Cooking A Breeze

    Spiralizers, utensils, and frothers, oh my!

    1. A non-stick, heat-resistant, food-safe silicone cooking utensil kit that is as cute as it is stylish.

    2. A vegetable spiralizer that will transform almost any vegetable into delicious ribbons. Get ready for oodles of zoodles!

    3. The perfect one-stop-shop for breakfast sandwiches — this sandwich maker makes two sandwiches in under two minutes and has a built-in timer so that you know the *precise* second you can mow down on your delicious creation.

    4. The critically-acclaimed and award-winning cult-fave Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, the visionary cookbook that's topped every bestseller list (including our holiday cookbook gift guide).

    5. Cooking meat can be a drag. How are you supposed to know when it's done?? With this handy little temperature gun, you'll take the guesswork out of the process — and as an added bonus, you won't have to stab the meat like some caveman to check to see if its still alive.

    6. If, like I do, you think that waffle-cut fries just taste better, then this stainless steel crinkle cutter is the perfect tool for you. Add a little pizzazz to your fruit and vegetables (let's be honest, we mean *potato*) and taste the difference!

    7. A stainless steel pasta measure so you don’t find yourself drowning in spaghetti the next time you try your hand at carbonara. If you find portioning pasta to be the single most stressful event to take place in your kitchen, then this one’s for you.

    8. The kitchen can get pretty dirty and this super-powerful handheld vacuum makes short work of pet hair, and bread crumbs — even spills.

    9. Some cute Matyroshka measuring cups, perfect for bringing some Old World charm to your kitchen.

    10. A garlic peeling and pressing kit so excellent that it has quickly become one of the most-used items in my kitchen. Just roll and press!

    11. This portable indoor/outdoor electric bug zapper, because we all love a good BBQ and al fresco dinner, but we DON’T love the mosquitoes and other bugs. It’s designed to attract and eliminate any and all insect threats in the vicinity.

    12. A USB-rechargeable handheld frother to make the latte art of your dreams without ever leaving the house. No coffee sommelier certification necessary.

    13. A collapsible (read: space-saving!) silicone popcorn maker to make movie night a breeze. It's got a lid to keep the kernels contained and cool-touch handles so no more scalding yourself on the edge of the bowl because you're too impatient to just WAIT FOR IT TO COOL.

    14. With avocado-related accidents on the rise, you need this perfect three-in-one avocado tool. The patented pit remover, serrated blade, and plastic slicer make easy work of our favourite brunch food.

    15. A 14-piece stainless steel kitchen knife set so you can pretend you're a gourmet chef (even if you've only just mastered mac n' cheese).

    16. A pack of two Mr. Clean Magic Erasers because this is the best cleaning tool in the world, and no one needs to know that your hard-boiled eggs exploded all over your kitchen because you got too distracted by Netflix (just me? Great).

    17. A beginner's complete fermentation kit for making delicious probiotic veggies at home. All you need are some Mason jars, and you're on your way to a healthy gut!

    18. This bestselling knife sharpener with a fine and coarse edge to get your knives ship-shape. No more smooshing your tomatoes.

    19. A jar opener for those of us who are strong, independent women, thankyouverymuch, and refuse to be defeated by a pickle jar.

    20. This utensil rest if you're a slob like me and don't want your kitchen covered in sauce and bacon grease for the rest of your life.

    21. A refillable butane torch lighter, great for making everything from crème brûlée to torched seafood to flambés — or just lighting your BBQ if you're more Bobby Flay and less Julia Child.

    22. This sponge caddy you can attach to your backsplash or under your sink. It's the perfect way to hide that gross sponge you probably should have thrown out a month ago.

    23. A fancy corkscrew kit perfect for pretending like you're the kind of person to sniff out the ~teRroiR~ and *vaRietaLs* of the wine. It even comes with an aerator and stopper, in case you don't finish the bottle (we won't judge if you do).

    24. Slicing onions is hard work, but fear not! This handy stainless steel onion holder is about to take all the tears away from the process. It also works great on other vegetables.

    25. If you're like me and your favourite kitchen companion is Netflix (or Amazon Prime, HBO Go, get the picture), then this tablet/phone stand is about to rock your world.

    26. And this portable espresso machine, great for fueling that caffeine addiction we all pretend we don't have.

    You're welcome.