21 Cool And Stylish Ways To Rock A Mask

    Mask up, but make it ~fashion~.

    1. Rock it with a chic chain that'll make taking your mask on and off easy-peasy.

    A person wearing a tie-dyed face mask with a glittering mask chain

    2. Keep it fun and funky with some psychedelic designs that'll look super cute with a toned-down outfit.

    A pink-haired person wearing an oversized shacket and mushroom print face mask

    3. Go full-on candy floss with a pastel-hued mask. Bonus points if it matches your hair!

    4. Embrace the Canadian tuxedo with a head-to-toe denim look.

    A person wearing a mask made of jean material while wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt.

    5. Step up your accessorizing game with a flowery mask that'll up your entire ~lewk~.

    A person wearing a glittery dress with a contoured floral print face mask

    6. Go tonal with a monochrome mask outfit — and don't forget a subtle print to keep things interesting!

    A person taking a selfie while wearing a simple paisley-print mask

    7. Get a disposable mask for those days when you know you're going to get pretty dusty.

    Someone standing on a ladder at a hardware store while wearing a disposal face mask

    8. Show off your sense of humour with a grinning monster mouth that'll let people know you're always down for a laugh.

    A person wearing a face mask printed with a grinning monster mouth

    9. Flex your personal style by matching your mask to your joggers (and a fab weekend bag)!

    A person wearing a filtering face mask while wearing joggers and holding a large designer duffel

    10. Keep it cute and comfy while you're walking your furry pal. And don't forget to mask up on public transit!

    A person in a brown mask on public transit with their puppy

    11. Jazz up your outfit with a tie-dyed mask that'll turn your face covering into a chic accessory.

    12. Dream about your next vacation with a map-print mask. And don't forget to pack it when you hit the road!

    A person wearing a face mask with a map print and holding up a cute puppy

    13. Coordinate your mask with your partner for your next socially distanced date night. Don't worry about matching perfectly!

    A couple wearing matching striped face masks

    14. Keep your masked-up work look simple, comfortable, and professional with classic polka dots.

    A person taking a selfie while wearing a polka dot print face mask

    15. Make your face covering extra chic by opting for an elegant silk option instead of cotton.

    16. Make it ~dreamy~ with a super-soft cotton mask, and let your statement bling speak for itself.

    17. Enjoy sunny days with a bright gingham print. Don't forget to coordinate it with your sun hat, too!

    18. Opt for classic black, because it will never go out of style. Go ahead and wear it with a chic pair of trousers, too.

    A person taking a mirror selfie while wearing a head to toe black outfit

    19. Match your mask to your shirt to look chic from top-to-bottom.

    A person looking into the camera while wearing a face mask that matches their top

    20. Use your face mask to pay homage to your favourite Animal Crossing characters.

    Someone wearing a face mask printed with Animal Crossing and putting up a peace sign

    21. Pair a bold floral print with your favourite athleisure outfit to give it a pop of colour.

    A person wearing sunglasses and a floral print face mask

    No matter how you're rocking your mask, it's a great opportunity to show off your personal style!