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    19 Cute Fitness Accessories From Free People That Might Actually Inspire You To Work Out

    Just because you're breaking a sweat doesn't mean you can't look cute as heck.

    1. This stretchy metallic headband that'll take you from workout to hangout (oh, and also keep your hair out of your eyes). It has an easy elasticized back, so you know you'll always have a perfect fit. Plus, it's the perfect way to dress up post-workout hair when giving your mane a shampoo is just too much work.

    2. Some no-tie laces that'll keep you from tripping over your untied shoes when you're going hard at the gym (or just walking the dog). These adjustable little strips are great for people who routinely have to replace shoelaces, or are just looking for a no-fuss solution to their fitness footwear.

    3. This emerald bra top that'll work great as a supportive pal during your barre class, and as an ultra-flattering top to wear in the summertime. The wide straps make it extra supportive for anyone with a larger bust, and a generous band along the bottom keep unintentional underboob from happening.

    4. These plastic-free hair ties that won't get tangled up in your locks. Since they don't have any metal pieces, they're also super gentle on hair. And if that's not enough, they're biodegradable, too!

    5. This refreshing equipment spray that'll keep your fave fitness accessories clean and smelling fresh (no matter how much sweat drips onto them). The special formula uses tea tree oil to kill bacteria and germs with just a few sprays. And it's all-natural, you can go ahead and spritz it directly where you need it.

    6. These psychedelic runners that might actually inspire you to work on your cardio. They're lightweight (read: no tired feet), and look cute enough to wear with a pair of jeans and a tee, too!

    7. These funky bike shorts that'll keep you comfy and cool during all your exercises. The high waist and compressive give you all the support you need to power through even the toughest workout, while still being flattering enough to wear as part of a casual outfit.

    8. This microfibre hair towel that'll dramatically cut down your hair-drying time. Unlike regular bath towels (which can be abrasive and damaging), this neat little wrap sucks moisture out of your hair follicle without pulling, tugging, or breaking your strands. If that's not enough, it even has a handy gripped strap to keep it in place, so you can bop around while your mane is drying.

    9. This bamboo water bottle that'll keep your drinks cold all day long. It's all about the details with this one: It has a removable infuser (perfect for making tea or fruit infusions) and a wide mouth to accommodate ice cubes. Workout hydration has never been easier or more stylish.

    10. This natural cork roller that not only works wonderfully as a bolster during challenging poses, but is also a great addition to your recovery regime. Unlike other rollers, this one has delicate ridges that'll connect with your body's contours, so you always have the support you need — no matter where you are with your practice.

    11. Some sleek over-the-knee socks that'll keep your legs toasty during your workout (without making you slide all over the place). Thanks to their awesome gripping bottoms, you can feel stable and well-balanced as you move through your workout. They're also super cute worn under a light dress or layered over leggings!

    12. Or these grip ankle socks, if you're the kind of person who already runs hot. They're great for giving you that barefoot feeling — without actually having to go barefoot. They even have a cushioned sole for extra comfort, and handy straps to keep them in place.

    13. This velvety yoga mat that's positively ~out of this world~. The suede-like finish is incredibly comfortable and ridiculously cushioned, making challenging poses a lot easier on your joints. But what really makes this mat a stand-out is that its intentionally designed to grip better the more you sweat, so ahead and go hard.

    14. These skinny silk hair ties that'll help prevent your hair from sticking to your sweaty face without breaking your strands. These are a true godsend for those with damaged tresses, as silk is extra gentle without sacrificing on hold.

    15. This super cute leotard, so you can finally have your Flash Dance moment. It has a built-in sports bra, and a full-coverage bottom, so you won't need to stress about a cheek peeking out during your workouts.

    16. This printed yoga strap that'll make carrying and storing your yoga mat easy as pie. Because it's extra long, it'll work with any mat (even the thick ones). Yoga straps are also an easy storage solution — just hang up a hook and you're set!

    17. This charcoal deodorant that'll not only keep you dry, but smells pretty great, too. It may seem like a no-brainer, but a natural deodorant is one of the best accessories for your workout — it keeps you dry and smelling fresh without clogging your pores with gross things like aluminum.

    18. This colourful wrap that can be worn as a headband during a workout, or as a small scarf during breezy spring mornings. Because it's extra wide, it'll trap all those annoying baby hairs that might stick to a sweaty neck. It's also a great makeshift face mask!

    19. And lastly, these opalescent tearaway shorts that are so cute, I'm adding them to my cart right now. The silky waterproof material is also moisture-wicking, making them amazing for outdoors run. And a drawstring waist means they won't gape or slip down when you're just trying to get your fitness on.

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