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What's A "Classic" Movie That Many People Love That You Just Don't Understand?

It's OK, we can agree to disagree :)

There are some movies that have reached "classic" status because it seems like just about everyone loves 'em. But there are definitely some people out there who disagree and just ~don't get~ some of these so-called classics.

Hughes Entertainment

Are you one of those people??

Maybe you've tried watching Ghostbusters multiple times and can't get past the first 20 minutes?

Columbia-Delphi Productions Black Rhino

Do you think it's a snoozefest with bad writing that is unfriendly towards women? I mean, have you seen that bedroom scene when Sigourney Weaver's character is possessed by "The Gatekeeper"? Cringe/discomfort alert!

Maybe you've been told Shrek is "so good" too many times and you're just sick of it???


Personally, I couldn't agree with you 'cause I love Shrek, but maybe you think differently? Do you think that the characters are too one-dimensional or unrealistic? Maybe you think the ending is really unsatisfying and too cliché? Now is the time to speak your truth, friend!

Or or or maybe you think that not even our cherished Jeff Goldblum could save Jurassic Park?

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Maybe the "thrill" of this film is non-existent or you think the action scenes are poorly executed? Maybe you can't help but cringe at the acting?

You don't have to be scared by the herds of fans. Share which "classic" movies you think aren't good and explain why in a comment below for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

Don't be scared...Just explain yourself!