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What Weird Food Combo Is Actually Amazing (Even If Other People Don't Think So)?

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

People have a wide variety of tastes. It's true for fashion, music, (etc.) and ESPECIALLY food.

Hanna Barbera

Hey, we're not hatin'! Just spitting facts.

We want to know: Which super weird food combination do you love (that other people don't understand)? Like maybe you like eating PB&J sandwiches with an extra layer of mayonnaise and sea salt.


I mean, that sounds nasty to me, but maybe to you it enhances the entire experience!

Or maybe you like eating your Cheetos in milk ala cereal style!

Paramount Pictures

That might work? But I can totally see why most people wouldn't even want to try that.

Or perhaps you like eating ice cream with a bunch of sautéed onions and your friends refuse to try it!


Who knows? Maybe that onion really brings out that vanilla flavor. You tell me!

Don't be shy and tell us which weird food combination makes your heart sing despite getting pushback from other people. Leave us a comment below (and pictures if you'd like!) for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!


Thank you!