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Can You Please Show Us "Before And After" Photos Of Your Pet's Adoption So I Can Finally Feel OK Again?

All they need is a little tender loving care.

Pet adoption is a beautiful and magical journey that can positively transform a fur baby's life (as well as your own). / Via

They grow up so fast!

Sometimes, the life of an animal before being adopted by a loving owner is really rough. Not all animals come from loving, safe, and/or clean environments.

But when they find "the one" it's an everlasting love.

We want you to send in pictures of your pet from before you adopted them (or the beginning of their journey with you) and a photo of them ~thriving~ now.

Sometimes that journey entails overcoming health battles and emotional scars.

Show us how much progress you and your pet have made since that fateful day you adopted them.

Tell us a little about how you two found each other and how your lil' one's life is in a much better place now.

Share some of the love! Please submit photos in the comments below for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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Pwetty pwease?