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    26 Celebs Who Seriously Don't Get Enough Credit

    I stan.

    We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, who the most underrated celebs are, and we loved your passionate responses! Though we couldn't include them all, here are 26 celebrities that people feel are way underrated.

    1. Anya Taylor-Joy

    2. Rosalía

    3. Chris Pine

    4. Sebastian Stan

    5. Frank Ocean

    6. D’Arcy Carden

    7. Maisie Williams

    8. Donald Glover

    9. Alessia Cara

    10. Billy Eichner

    11. Little Mix

    12. James McAvoy

    13. Bokeem Woodbine

    14. Sam Rockwell

    15. Kristen Stewart

    16. Martin Starr

    17. Emmy Rossum

    18. Matthew Lillard

    19. Nick Kroll

    20. Mackenzie Davis

    21. Zachary Levi

    22. Taron Egerton

    23. Jodie Comer

    24. Ben Platt

    25. Michael Shannon

    26. And Finally, Tom Ellis

    Are there any underrated celebs you think we missed? Leave us a comment below about your fave underrated celeb!