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21 Seriously Funny Things Teens Have Learned About Their Parents Since Being Quarantined Together

Rat tails might be making a comeback...?

We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, about some weird things you've learned about your parents during the quarantine. Here are 22 funny "parents in quarantine" stories that are further proof that your family isn't totally out-there.

1. The parents who have collaborated on a "unique" project.

2. The "grey treasure" hunting mom.

3. The mom who knows how to get what she wants.

4. The mom who has no need for the Tinder app.

5. The mom who is willing to get a little gross.

6. The country-singing dad.

7. The mom who is reverting back to a simpler time.

8. The parents who can't let go of SpongeBob.

9. The mom who should have done her own laundry.

10. The mom who's grown very fond of the work meeting "mute" button.

11. The dad who has great taste.

12. The dad who quickly changed his mind about cats during the quarantine.

13. The parents who have bolder alter-egos on their video calls.

14. The mom with the piercing.

15. The mom who is embracing her inner child.

16. The mom who is averse to closed cabinets.

17. The mom who needs to learn how to close the door.

18. The mom who is constantly making sounds.

19. The mom who doesn't kiss and least not at first!

20. The dad with intense indigestion.

21. And finally, this wholesome, dog-loving dad.

Have you encountered anything else weird or funny about your parents during the quarantine? We'd love to hear about it so leave a comment below!

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