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May 13, 2020

21 Seriously Funny Things Teens Have Learned About Their Parents Since Being Quarantined Together

Rat tails might be making a comeback...?

We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, about some weird things you've learned about your parents during the quarantine. Here are 22 funny "parents in quarantine" stories that are further proof that your family isn't totally out-there.


Note: submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

1. The parents who have collaborated on a "unique" project.

Ivonnew / Getty Images

"My mom is attempting to learn how to crochet and my dad is begging her to crochet a rat tail and ears for him. In short, my parents have gone stir-crazy."


2. The "grey treasure" hunting mom.

Tatomm / Getty Images

"My mom loves to dig around my head to find white hairs that I might have. When she finds one, she is so mesmerized by it and looks at it for a few seconds before she’s off to search for more!"


3. The mom who knows how to get what she wants.

Cheryl Ramalho / Getty Images

"My mom secretly kills/replaces the plants she hates in my parents' yard because my dad won’t plant more colorful ones. She calls it 'Backyard Conspiracies'."


4. The mom who has no need for the Tinder app.

Jacoblund / Getty Images

"My mom confessed to me yesterday that she has been chatting with a guy she met on the Scrabble app. They exchanged phone numbers and have been texting ever since."


5. The mom who is willing to get a little gross.

Laymul / Getty Images

"I discovered that my mom finds it satisfying when I pluck her underarm hair."


6. The country-singing dad.


"Every day around 3:30 after my dad finishes all his meetings, he turns on some country music and sings at the top of his lungs in his office in the basement. I’m pretty sure he thinks we can’t hear him, but it’s basically all we can hear."


7. The mom who is reverting back to a simpler time.

Lorne Michael Productions

"My mom has started using memes as a form of communication and using words like 'homie'!? She’s acting like a teenager again. She's been wearing old clothes and using stuff from her high school years. Anyone else?"


8. The parents who can't let go of SpongeBob.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

"Whenever my parents ask each other if they want a piece of chocolate, they say it like that old lady on the SpongeBob episode where they are selling chocolate bars. It's not like they've been doing it my whole life, it's because I recently watched that episode while eating breakfast and my dad (who is like a little kid) loves to repeat things and now it's just how he says it all the time."


9. The mom who should have done her own laundry.

Baona / Getty Images

"I learned that my mom has a quite massive purple vibrator which I unfortunately found out about while collecting her sheets to do the laundry. The worst part was that I had to tell her that I knew about it because I didn't want to touch it to get the sheets!!!"


10. The mom who's grown very fond of the work meeting "mute" button.


"On every work call that she's on, my mother will mute herself and then talk constant shit about what her coworkers (who, to be fair, are the types who schedule two-hour meetings to clarify one point on an agenda) are saying."


11. The dad who has great taste.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

"I found out that my dad has as big of a crush on Michael B. Jordan as I do."


12. The dad who quickly changed his mind about cats during the quarantine.

Iagodina / Getty Images

"My stepdad has never been a cat person. But since I had to move back home just before the quarantine happened with my cats, he's been going up to my room every single day to talk to them and pet them."


13. The parents who have bolder alter-egos on their video calls.


"My mum is a completely different person on video chats. She turns into this cool person (yes, I just described my mother as cool) who I actually would want to work with! And my step-dad shouts on the phone. You can hear him from a mile away!"


14. The mom with the piercing.


"I just learned that my mother got a belly button ring with her best friend (coincidentally on the exact day of Princess Diana’s death), but had to get it removed a few years later at a shady tattoo parlor when she was pregnant with my eldest sister because it hurt so bad."


15. The mom who is embracing her inner child.


"I just learned that my mum has never had a thumb war...54-years-old and she didn’t even know what it was. Safe to say I taught her immediately. And she won!"


16. The mom who is averse to closed cabinets.

Serghei Starus / Getty Images

"My mom just doesn’t close cabinets!? I have to be walking behind her when she's cooking to make sure I'm closing cabinets but I get hit by some in the process. Sometimes she insists she’s going to go back and put stuff away later on but then sits down and the cabinets can stay open for a couple days. Is this a mom thing or just mine?"


17. The mom who needs to learn how to close the door.


"My mom will come into my room and just stand while I’m trying to work on school stuff. She has no reason to be there but she’ll just watch me do my work and say three things to me in the span of 10 minutes. And when she leaves she LEAVES MY DOOR OPEN!"


18. The mom who is constantly making sounds.


"My mom constantly makes noise...sighing, groaning, coughing, sniffing, shifting in her seat, clearing her throat, and a thousand other noises! I'm the kind of person who appreciates constant noise, but this woman is driving me crazy!!!"


19. The mom who doesn't kiss and least not at first!

The Cannon Group

"I learned that my mom has kissed Chuck Norris. On the mouth!"


20. The dad with intense indigestion.


"I never realized how much my dad burps and how loudly he does it. I don't know how my mom puts up with it while I'm away at college! It's all the time and it's so obnoxious!"


21. And finally, this wholesome, dog-loving dad.

Nataba / Getty Images

"I learned that my dad actually likes our dog much more than I thought."


Have you encountered anything else weird or funny about your parents during the quarantine? We'd love to hear about it so leave a comment below!


Thank you!

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