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Which Movie Characters Do You Think Are Underappreciated?

Justice for Riley from National Treasure!

You ever watch a movie and think, "Dang! I'm really feelin' this side character!"???


This could be a lover, best friend, parent, sibling, teacher, etc. in any genre of movie.

We want to know which movie characters you think are super underappreciated and why! Maybe you thought Riley in National Treasure was a hilarious gem (*wink wink*) who needed more screen time?


This man had wit and charm, and hacked into places that should never have been able to get hacked. I hear a lot of underground National Treasure hype, but who's out there rooting for Riley?!?

Or perhaps you were really captivated by Pleakley's antics in Lilo and Stitch???


I honestly feel like everyone is a little bit like Pleakley. Cautious, friendly, panicky in times of despair — who can't relate?! Sadly, I don't hear a lot of love for Pleakley out there.

Or maybe you're always there rooting on Molly Brown during Titanic?

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She was basically Jack's wingman. Who knows, without her help, would there have been sweaty handprints on the ship that night?!? Somehow, I don't hear a lot about Molly Brown when it comes to Titanic, though.

We want you to tell us which movie character is super underappreciated and why! Write a comment for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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Thank you!