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Whether You Care About Star Signs Or Not, Here Are 20 Stereotypes People Think Are Super Inaccurate About Their Signs

"Sorry that my personality didn't listen to the stars."

We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, to tell us: Which stereotype about your star sign do you find super annoying? Y'all really delivered like typical Virgos (just kidding). Here are 20 star sign descriptions people feel are generally pretty inaccurate.

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Note: submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

1. Aries

Alexandr Yurtchenko / Getty Images

"That all Aries people are bold and adventurous. I am the complete opposite, but so many people assume I’m down for anything because of a zodiac sign."


2. Taurus

Angelinast / Getty Images

"I'm a Taurus and I always see us described as 'materialistic.' I am definitely not, nor have I ever been materialistic. I hate that term attached to our zodiac sign."


3. Gemini

Alexandr Yurtchenko / Getty Images

"They LOVE hating on Geminis! They say, 'You are bad friends, you are bad at relationships, you are two-faced.' Like excuse me, but no. Geminis are GREAT at communication and love deep conversations. Geminis are known for being really supportive people. Who doesn't want that in their life?"



"I'm tired of hearing that Geminis are two-faced. We just tend to see everyone’s point of view, and that mutable quality to our sign means we adapt to our surroundings and will adjust our demeanor according to that. It’s not being fake. We can be very loyal; we’re not all party animals."


5. Cancer

Alexandr Yurtchenko / Getty Images

"It's not true that Cancers always cry. Yes, I’m emotional, but Cancers are also the sign of the crab: there’s a lot of 'shell' around us, and emotions can be hidden on the inside. We don’t just walk around crying all day."



"I’m a Cancer and people always assume that we’re super moody, emotional, and overly sensitive. Well, maybe if they didn’t keep reminding me about it all the time, I wouldn’t get so 'crabby' about it. To assume that we’re automatically moody, can’t take a joke, and vindictive is just rude...and yes, I’ll admit this is something I’m 'overly' sensitive about (LOL)."


7. Leo

Mg7 / Getty Images

"As a Leo, people assume I’m an overconfident diva, when that couldn't be further from the truth. I’m just a chill introvert."



"It's not true that all Leos are gregarious and outgoing. I have a few close friends and family that I like to spend time with, but I also need a lot of time alone to recharge."


9. Virgo

Angelinast / Getty Images

"Virgos are not overly critical. I am extremely critical of MYSELF but when it comes to others, I cannot judge them because Virgos know what it's like to feel deeply insecure. Virgos are very nurturing in that way."



"That Virgos are shy and quiet. Like no. We can be loud and obnoxious just like everyone else!"



"Not all Virgos are super duper organized and have things planned out. I’m a Virgo and I can barely wake up on time."


12. Libra

Taeya18 / Getty Images

"It's inaccurate to say that Libras don’t take sides easily or that all of us are social and diplomatic. Please, we judge like any other person might judge and we CAN be judgmental. Some of us just word things more delicately than what we actually think in our heads."


13. Scorpio

Angelinast / Getty Images

"So tired of hearing that Scorpios are ‘controlling’ or ‘manipulative’. For the most part, Scorpios are not either of these things, and we are, in fact, very loyal, and are great friends."



"It's not true that all Scorpios are sex obsessed."


15. Sagittarius

Angelinast / Getty Images

"It's not true that a Sagittarius is scared of commitment, vain, loud, and very extroverted. As a socially anxious person, it really annoys me when people are mad that I don't live up to my star sign. Sorry that my personality didn't listen to the stars, I can't do anything about that."



"I don't agree that every Sagittarius is emotionless. Bruh, we ain't emotionless. We just don't want to be too vulnerable or show it sometimes. A lot of us are NOT emotionless."


17. Capricorn

Allexxandar / Getty Images

"It's not true that Carpicorns are type A, natural leaders, and perfectionists. Not even close. I would sit on my couch eating cereal out of the box in yesterday's clothes if I could get away with it."



"It's so funny how Capricorns are assumed to be no-nonsense people. I'm a Cap, and I'm easily the most chaotic person in my friend group!"


19. Aquarius

Alexandr Yurtchenko / Getty Images

"I’m an Aquarius and everyone wants to believe we are ‘rebels without a cause,’ but I’m the most rule-following teacher's pet on this planet. However I am very passionate about activism and standing up for what I believe in. So, maybe there is some truth in the stereotype??"


20. And finally, Pisces

Allexxandar / Getty Images

"It's not true that Pisces are overly sensitive! That can be true, but I believe it’s more empathy than anything. Pisces are observant and aware of others and how they feel."


Did we cover your inaccurate star sign stereotype? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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