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Updated on Mar 31, 2020. Posted on Mar 31, 2020

Spend A Day With Finn Wolfhard And Learn When You'll Get Married

Finn's fans' futures are on the line, here.

  1. Good morning! You open up a text from Finn. How is his name saved in your phone?

  2. Finn asks you about his shoe choice for today. Which pair of sneakers do you text him to wear?

  3. Time to drive! What song do you play on your way to pick him up?

  4. You scooped up Finn and you're ready for your afternoon adventure. What do you guys do?

  5. Finn dares you to change his lockscreen. Which image do you use to make him LOL?

  6. What do you two eat for dinner?

  7. You end the day with a movie! Which movie do y'all watch?

  8. What a fun day with Finn! What do you text him afterwards?

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