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Show Us A Picture Of You In High School Versus You In College

The glow-up is real.

People are always changing, growing, and evolving. Sometimes a major life change like graduating high school and starting a new chapter in life gives people the freedom to figure out who they want to be!


Sometimes it turns out your grunge phase is really just a phase...

We want to see photos of you in high school versus you in college. Feel free to explain any major differences in your life or lifestyle at the time.


Don't be shy! Even if your "emo days" are behind you, we want to see that transformation!

Maybe you pursued a new interest and became really passionate about fitness and as a result, became physically stronger!

College is a good time to try new hobbies and meet cool people!

Maybe you were too scared to try something new in high school but you experimented with some cool hair in college.

We want to see that hair!

Or maybe your style took a 180 degree turn and you personally feel like you came into your own!

College is a fun time to experiment with your look!

Send us pictures from you in high school versus you in college for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!


BTW, not everyone goes to college, so feel free to send your "glow-up" pics if you took an alternative step in life as well! Thank you!