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    19 High School Vs. College Transformation Photos That Are The Definition Of "Glow-Up"

    It's never too late to glow-up.

    We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, to share photos of yourselves in high school versus college, and the stories are inspiring! Here are 19 people who showed us their inner and outer transformations between high school and college and really came into their own.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.


    "When I was in high school, I never wanted to pose for photos because I was overly self-conscious about my weight, my severe acne, and my braces (I was unlucky enough to have them for five years!). Ten years later, I've learned to take care of myself, to be more confident, and to show myself the same love that I show the other people in my life." —bittergreenz


    "I was tired of being skinny-shamed, so I started working out two years ago and I’m still working on myself. Plus, during those years, I finally came out." —ljzdun


    "I got a lot more confident and outgoing. Just looking at the pictures, you can tell (and that’s wild to me!). The girl on the right definitely isn’t as shy as the one on the left!" —wittikitty


    "The left photo was from December 2018, when I was in the middle of an abusive relationship during my sophomore year of college. The photo on the right is me (now) from my 21st birthday in April 2020. I'm out of that situation now and have lost 40 pounds. I am taking a year off from college to work on loving myself again and couldn’t be happier!" —prettyinpink206


    "I had a rough few years but have gotten back on track and will graduate college with a B.S. degree in Psychology and Anthropology in Spring 2021! There's an obvious physical glow-up between age 17 and 26, but I'm happy AF with how I've matured over the past nine years."



    "16-year-old me was insecure and unhappy. But over the years, I’ve learned how to accept and love myself no matter what I look like." —eliserebecca


    "My boyfriend also went through quite the transformation!" —eliserebecca


    "Over those seven years I became comfortable and confident in myself, and I think my younger self would be proud to know who I became." —jocelynn40b43e52d


    "I gained some weight and also anxiety, but I like myself more the older I get. I used to be so concerned with how I looked and what my peers thought of me in high school, but growing out of it allowed me to explore my creativity. Whoever said high school would be the best years of life is wack, I’m sure every phase of life I walk into will be better than the last!" —leahmroy


    "My anxiety went through the roof in high school and it was a challenge to get my mental health back on track. Through therapy, medication, and looking deeper at myself, I became a lot more confident, and am currently thriving in my psychology degree!" —marijken


    "I started taking care of myself and also taking pride in my appearance. I still have some acne, frizzy hair, and dimples for days, but I'm a lot happier and healthier." —sannegid


    "In between these two photos, I came out of the closet, moved to a new city, began therapy, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and grew infinitely as a human being. I wish I could tell the girl on the left how much better her life will become, and how much happier she'll be in the future." —sydneyk40b7c3a02


    "A lot has changed in eight years. I have gained a lot of confidence, learned how to apply makeup, stopped dyeing my hair in weird strips, switched to contacts, and really learned how to dress for myself." —atrkula


    "Growing up tall (I'm 6'2" now), I felt like I had to hide my body and hunch down to make myself 'normal' and 'more appealing.' During my freshman year of college, I learned to be comfortable in my own skin and own my body rather than hide from it...and I've never been happier!" —annap49f9a6f4a


    "I was 6 feet tall by the time I was 15 when the left picture was taken and such a beanpole. My classmates would make fun of me, call me 'itty bitty titty,' 'flat chested,' 'brace face,' etc. My mom always told me that the most beautiful flowers are the last to bloom. Now, my height is my favorite thing about myself. I love wearing heels and towering over everyone!" —moj471c1989f


    "I stopped worrying so much about how I came across to others and am much happier! Plus, I make MUCH better choices with my clothes and hairstyle!" —myaonnaise


    "I moved to Paris for school when I was 20 and it completely changed my style from grunge to classic minimalist. Now I’m a personal stylist and I completely owe it to my time in Paris!" —graceelizabethb3


    "The one major difference in my life was puberty." —lindswyatt07


    "Confidence is key but so is puberty." —chusse23

    And there ya have it! Feel free to leave a comment below describing your glow-up between high school and college!

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