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What's The Nastiest Thing You Ever Witnessed At School Growing Up?

Teachers, students, staff members, past students — UNITE!

Going to school or working at one can be a roller coaster sometimes. One minute you're taking a test, and the next minute someone is randomly throwing up in the corner.

bro why tf did kids randomly just throw up in the middle of class during elementary school all the time

Why do these things happen so often?!?

So we want to know: What's the grossest thing you've witnessed at school? Whether you're a teacher, student, staff member, or anything in between, if you've got the tea — now's the time to spill it!


Tell us, tell us!

Maybe you saw one of your classmates try to use a water fountain as a urinal.


That's not what it's there for.

Or as a teacher, maybe you witnessed a young student drop their lunch food on the floor and eat it anyway.

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Does the "five-second rule" apply to the petri dishes known as classroom floors?

Or maybe one of your classmates kept the same gym clothes in their locker all year long, and you could smell them from a hallway away.

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I wouldn't want to be caught in those crosswinds.

Now is your time to share! If you witnessed something absolutely nasty during your school days, leave us a comment below for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.


Thank you!