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    Brie Larson Opened Up About Some Of The Biggest Roles She Auditioned For And Didn't Get

    "Are we here to act or to play out dudes' fantasies?"

    Oscar winner Brie Larson — who you may know from her iconic roles in movies such as Captain Marvel, Room, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World — just got real about the auditioning process in Hollywood and shared some of the roles she didn't get in her 20-year career as an actor.

    She started off the vlog on her YouTube channel addressing the "torture" of auditioning, explaining, "For those who think that being an actor [is] fluffy and easy, you're wrong."

    Brie Larson / YouTube

    She shared an overview on how the process works and how the stress of auditioning gave her "heartburn" as a kid.

    On auditioning for a role in Frozen Ground (which later went to Vanessa Hudgens), she said "I really thought I nailed it." Her manager later asked what she had done, telling her, "They said that you were very scary. You scared them."


    "I took it too far, I always took it too far," Brie concluded.

    She explained how the failed auditions from when she was a kid "really, really still sting." For example, when she auditioned to play the little sister in the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House and didn't get it, it was "a big bummer."


    And when she lost the role of the younger sister in Brink! (another DCOM) to the same actor, she expressed that it "really hurt!"

    She also pointed out the creepiness of the audition process and her discomfort with being "asked to dress a certain way."

    Brie Larson / YouTube

    For a movie where she auditioned to play someone's love interest with an age gap she said "wouldn't even be appropriate now," Brie shared how the producer asked her "to come back, dress tank top, a jean mini skirt, and heels," and made her feel very uncomfortable.

    After seeing the waiting room of women dressed in the same outfit and auditioning in sneakers instead of heels, she was asked "many, many, many, many times" to audition again in a jean mini skirt.

    Brie Larson / YouTube

    "Shame on everybody who said that. I had a jean mini skirt just for auditions, that's not okay."

    Some of the most prominent projects that didn't work out were her auditions for Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, The Hunger Games, the newer Star Wars movies, and Terminator Genisys.

    Brie Larson/ YouTube/ Dimension Films

    And another early '00s favorite that she auditioned for? Spy Kids! "Did I want to be a child spy? Definitely!"

    Brie concluded her video with nothing but gratitude for her career, an important message of staying true to oneself, and encouragement for fellow actors who go through the audition process.

    Brie Larson / YouTube

    "I always ended up where I was supposed to be...If you are out there and you're auditioning right now, [I'm] sending you so much love."

    You can check out the full vlog and storytime with Brie Larson here.

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    Brie Larson / YouTube

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