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We Want To Know What Book Gave You Joy During Difficult Times

Give us your "Matilda" moment.

Reading books can be very therapeutic. Whether you're someone who reads to wind down before bed or you're a total book junkie, sometimes the right book can be a source of light during a time of darkness.

We want to know what book got you through a really tough time. Like maybe picking up the Harry Potter series really spoke to you because it transported you to another world when you really needed one.

Or maybe you really loved reading Darius the Great Is Not Okay because you could bond over the main character's intersecting identities and experiences, and therefore you felt less alone.

Perhaps you loved reading Michelle Obama's Becoming because reading about someone else's life instead of focusing on the problems in your own was super refreshing and inspirational.

Let us know what book got you through a tough time and EXPLAIN WHY for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!