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    28 "Before And After" Pictures Of Pets That Show How Powerful Adoption Is

    Finally, some good news.

    We asked you, the BuzzFeed Community, for "before and after" photos of your adopted pets, and, wowza! Thank you for the abundance of submissions and cute pics, we got a ton of replies! Here are just 28 before and after photos of people's adopted pets.

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    1. Daisy, the "possibly Hungarian" pup.

    "Her name is Daisy, possibly born on the streets of Hungary. She had never received kisses or owned a toy. She was so afraid of the world! Now she is still shy, but likes to explore and is so happy." —wolfdog

    2. Bucky Barnes, the kitty who loves his fave bowl.

    "This is Bucky Barnes! The top photo is the day I found him in the middle of a busy road, needing a leg amputation, a partial ear amputation, and a blood transfusion. This is him now in his favorite bowl. He is just the sweetest snuggliest boy!" —esfrech

    3. Ellie, the doggo who loves to hike and watch TV.

    "This is my girl, Ellie. I adopted her at 9 months old and she was suffering from mange. She is now four years old with beautiful fur and loves going hiking with me or laying on the sofa and watching TV. She is my everything!" —sarak4b92b0a95

    4. Crash Davis, "the model."

    "My dog, Crash Davis, on the first day I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old (left) and a couple months ago when I took a glamour shot of him at work!" —jackies4ca539281

    5. Boni, the sweater-loving pup.

    "I’m Boni and I’m originally from Mexico. I was abused and neglected but I was I was adopted by my foster family in Canada and have two furry brothers. I have a brain deformity and neurological issues but I never let that stop me! I make my family smile every day. I love to give back to other dogs who also had a rough start in life! Follow me on Instagram!" —sunshineanddogs

    6. Archie, the healthy boi.

    "This is Archie. I adopted him a year ago, he’s 6 now. When we adopted him he had to have five teeth removed and had some other health issues. Now he’s a perfectly healthy boi. A year later he’s a little chunky and enjoys going to the dog park and watching for squirrels." —marvelousoctopus98

    7. Juno, the pupper who lives in Seattle.

    "This is Juno, she was a street dog living in Colombia. The left photo is from the day we rescued her (and her nine puppies!) and the right photo is her now living with us in Seattle." —elenicotsis

    8. Mojo, the doggy who is living his best life!

    "This is Mojo, a rescue puppy who went from scruffy skin and bones to living his best life!" —shermo

    9. Larry, the cat who only deals with cuddles now.

    "Larry the cat! I work in a vet hospital and Larry was brought in after his owner poured boiling hot water over him multiple times. Thanks to the local police, and the report the dermatology team wrote about his injuries, his owner was found guilty of animal cruelty! Larry now lives with two vet nurses who annoy him with forced cuddles." —niamhc46d57c943

    10. Bear, the cat who's not so little anymore!

    "Our 'little' cat, Bear, was adopted July 2018. He had the cutest little round belly. He's still cute and still has the belly, but he’s not so little anymore!" —abbeyw407ca5e44

    11. George, the happiest boy in town.

    "George came from a neglect case where he and 15 other dogs had no food, water, or shelter. He was deteriorating from anxiety in the shelter so I decided to foster him. I was also mourning the recent loss of my dog. Together we healed, and I couldn’t envision my life without him. It’s been almost a year and he’s the happiest boy ever now!" —lindsayk4457a07b7

    12. Clyde, the Las Vegas treasure.

    "I found Clyde abandoned behind my hotel in Las Vegas. He wasn’t chipped so I dropped him off at the local shelter and waited for his owners to claim him. Five days later and no one showed so I drove four and a half hours back to Vegas to bring him home. Now he’s living happy in Arizona with his two siblings." —dianaw4b85696f5

    13. Beanz, the kitty who can't be stopped!

    "Beanz was found frozen to the ground and had to have two paws and part of his tail amputated. He had some behavioral issues that kept him from getting adopted for a full year after his surgery. We fell in love with his picture and brought him home, and he's been a perfect companion ever since. Those stubs definitely do not slow him down." —acbell2

    14. Stinkerbell, the lil' fur baby who persevered.

    "This is our rescue cat Stinkerbell. She had a very bad infection in her bladder and intestines and she nearly didn't make it. She's the size of a 6-month-old kitten although she's 3 years old now. She's the most needy, affectionate, and loving cat we have." —freshadmiral95

    15. Olive, the little girl who brings nothing but joy.

    "This is Olive. She was adopted after being rescued from living in a basement for five years where she was used for breeding and as a bait dog. She has gone from fearful and shy to the most loving and grateful of dogs. She brings us such joy!"


    16. June, the fuzzball who runs the house!

    "Meet June! An elderly lady found a litter of kittens in her trash can and called a local shelter. (They tried to find the mom cat but couldn’t.) We adopted this little fuzzball and she runs our house now." —junebuglet

    17. Gus and Gabby, the fur siblings who grew strong together!

    "We’ve had Gus and Gabby now for over two years! They’re making social distancing bearable!" —karij466992087

    18. Hank, the local "town mayor" doggo!

    "Here is Hank, he went from high kill shelter to glamour shots! Hank was rescued from a high kill shelter in NC by a local NJ rescue. At first he was scared of tall men, loud trucks, and garbage cans. Now, he is basically our town mayor when we go for walks. He shakes paws and kisses babies. Everyone knows and loves Hank!" —caitlinh4974fe4cc

    19. Denham, the doggy who gets ALL THE TREATS!

    "Our pitbull rescue, Denham, was found with a chained collar grown into his neck. He was a bait dog for dog fighting. He was a bag of bones when we rescued him. Six years later, he enjoys long naps and walks, playing with our nieces and nephews, and ALL THE TREATS!" —justink4f1709f5f

    20. Penny, the "lucky penny" of the family.

    "I found my cat eating out of a dumpster three years ago. When I bent down to see if she would come to me, she ran over and tried to jump on my lap so I knew I had to find her a home. She was very skinny and dirty. I quickly fell in love with her affectionate personality and decided to keep her. We named her Penny, because we saw her as our lucky penny. She is the sweetest cat I have ever owned and is now a (healthy) chunky girl who never leaves my side." —nastybutterfly91

    21. Presley, the "spoiled little prince."

    "This is Presley! He's my first dog. Started out a little rocky, he was very nervous and didn't make a sound for the first week we had him. Now he's a spoiled little prince who has too many toys and no limits when it comes to furniture to sleep on. Bonus picture of his adoption anniversary ("rebirth-day"). I'm so lucky to have this little monster in my life." —feintinggoat

    22. Mr. Mittens, the snuggly new roommate.

    "When my roommates and I first got Mr. Mittens we had no idea what to expect. The ASPCA has almost no information on his last home. He very quickly came out of his shell and within a few hours of being in his new home, he snuggled up to everyone and hasn’t left our sides since! He always demands chin scratches and belly rubs, which we happily give him all the time. Now we are so lucky to have our 18-pound baby snuggling up to us all the time!" —rachellit

    23. Muffin, the lil' dog who is a bundle of joy.

    "This is my sweet girl, Muffin. She'd been roaming the streets for at least a year before being taken to the shelter. Her entire body was matted, and the mats on her neck became so heavy that they ripped the skin on her neck off, leaving behind an open wound. I love her so much that thinking about her brings tears to my eyes. She will never know pain or hunger or loneliness ever again." —megangaddis1

    24. Dolly, the family "princess."

    "Dolly went from a flea ridden stray on the streets to the fluffy princess she believes she is today." —paigea406cd10d1

    25. Sulley, the kitty who is loving life.

    "My kitty Sulley was a bit of a mess when we found him. He had a hole in his neck and a bad infection. I couldn’t leave him, so I brought him home, wrapped up his neck, and took him to the vet. We decided to keep him and he healed up completely, and is loving life at our house!" —molliep47660cd2c

    26. Dakota, the new addition to the family.

    "Here’s my Dakota. The big picture is when I first met her, the top right is when I asked her if she wanted to come home with me, and the bottom is her snuggled all into bed with me. We just recently celebrated 100 days together as a family. (And yes, her hair has grown back!)" —punkteaching

    27. Chico, the little boy with a beautiful coat.

    "On the left, we adopted Chico when he was underweight, frail, and had developed a terrible coat. Now he's healthy and a dark brown color." —alexh44395fc2b

    28. And Charlie, the little girl who is thriving!

    "My girl, Charlie. My mom found her on the side of the road in March 2019, but now she’s thriving!" —lbcoumes

    I hope these lil' cuties warmed up your heart as much as they warmed up mine. Leave a comment below about your pet adoption story so we can keep spreading the love!


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