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    22 Things I Didn't Believe Could Be True Until I Saw Them On "Mythbusters"

    Will swallowing Mentos and Diet Coke at the same time kill you? Let's find out.

    I love Mythbusters. This show ran many far-out experiments that taught me a lesson or two about believing some funky myths. Here are 22 times the Mythbusters put some age old questions (and a few funny myths) to the test!


    Science rocks my socks.

    1. When they busted the myth that if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyes will fly out of your face from the force of the sneeze.


    It turns out that the natural attachments in your eye socket keep the balls in place.

    2. When they finally gave us an answer to the question: "Could Jack have fit on that floating piece of debris with Rose in Titanic and survived?"


    They deemed it plausible! Based on their tests, the Mythbusters claimed that if Jack and Rose had tied their life jackets under that piece of debris, it could've floated better with the two of them on it. Though a fun episode, James Cameron still disagrees with the Mythbusters' findings.

    3. When they showed that a dog's mouth is "cleaner" than a human's.

    Tatomm / Getty Images

    While the human mouth sample they collected in the episode had more bacteria than the dog's mouth sample, it's unclear whether or not the dog's bacteria is "more potent" than the human's.

    4. When they questioned whether eating poppy seeds before a drug test can lead to a positive test for opioids.


    According to this experiment, if a drug test is "sensitive enough, it can generate a false positive simply by detecting the poppy seeds." There have even been legal disputes that have come out of this scenario.

    5. When they showed us time and time again that duct tape can create a lot of things such as "a large trebuchet, shelter, rope, kayaks, clothing, canoes, a bridge, a sail boat, a cannon, and even a full-scale airplane."


    They even spent a week on an island using only duct tape as a means to survive. Incredible.

    6. When they showed us via closeup that a fart can be ignited by a lighter.


    Adam's gas was ignited by a butane lighter. Methane makes up only 7% of one's gas, which is enough to ignite when released. I guess whoever dealt it...can ignite it?!

    7. When they deemed it possible that a vehicle fitted with square wheels can provide a smooth ride if driven fast enough.


    They really reinvented the wheel here. Adam and Jaime found that the faster they drove, the smoother the ride became. But you have to note that the ride never got perfectly smooth.

    8. When they busted the age-old myth that consuming both Mentos and Diet Coke will make a person’s stomach explode.


    According to the experiment, "it was learned that the simple act of drinking the soda released much of the carbon dioxide within it, preventing the expected cascade of foam the Mentos and soda combination would give off." So, feel free to resume your Diet Coke and Mentos combination!

    9. When they eased our paranoia and confirmed that a penny dropped from a skyscraper cannot gain enough speed to kill a pedestrian.


    That's good news for us city dwellers.

    10. When they ruined our childhood theories and found that a person cannot survive a free-falling elevator by jumping at the last moment before it hits the ground.


    Unfortunately, the falling velocity of an elevator cannot be canceled out by a human's jumping power.

    11. When they broke our little pirate hearts by showing that sticking a knife into a boat's sail is not effective in slowing down a fall.


    After a series of tests with various knives, they found that "there is no possible way that a pirate’s knife would be able to be at the perfect balance between dullness and sharpness to safely cut through a sail." Either that dull knife isn't piercing the sail or the sharp knife isn't buffering your fall. But hey, Goonies never say die!

    12. When they pulled a "mission possible" and showed that it is possible to climb through an air-duct with the right tools.


    Although Jaime and Adam demonstrated it is possible to use magnets and suction cups to climb through an air duct, they deemed it "too noisy to be useful" as a method. They also found that "suction cups could also be used to climb a building." Move over, Tom Cruise.

    13. When they actually showed that a person will stay drier by running in the rain than by walking.


    One rain storm, two test subjects. Another mind-boggling finding, but the person running through the rain gets less wet.

    14. When they busted the (sorta strange and random) idea that a fart can be seen using thermal imaging technology.


    They tested this myth based on a viral video that was going around at the time. Turns out the vid was #fakenews. Jaime and Adam explained that the viral video was probably staged with steam because steam "would have more realistically registered as warm" on an infrared camera.

    15. When they revealed which toilet stall tends to be the cleanest in a public bathroom.


    They found that the stall closest to the door is "used the least and stays the cleanest." In this test (represented in the graphic above), the entrance to the bathroom is on the right of the stall with only 162 bacteria colonies.

    16. When they made us feel like Sad Keanu by showing that a bus could not jump a 50-foot gap and keep driving (like we see in the film Speed).


    In case you blindly believed that movie magic, it turns out that a bus can't jump over a "50-foot gap in a roadway, land safely on the other side, and continue driving." What a way to pump the breaks on our dreams.

    17. When they tested whether a "rock kicked up by a lawnmower can deliver the same force as a bullet."


    Turns out it can. They even built a "Lawnmower from Hell" in this one.

    18. When they confirmed our icy suspicions that a falling icicle can kill a person.

    Dzurag / Getty Images

    They used a steak to mimic the human body. Through their test, the Mythbusters found that an "icicle over 1.5 feet in length falling from about 15 feet completely penetrated a steak." So be careful out there!

    19. When they found that the warmest area to sit by the fireplace was not actually by the fireplace.

    Ykvision / Getty Images

    Though not that much colder, they found that the area around a burning fireplace was about "1.5 °C colder than the rest of the room." Who'da thunk it?

    20. When they showed us it's possible to fool a motion detector by holding a bed sheet in front of yourself.


    According to their test, "the bedsheet absorbed enough of the ultrasonic waves to mitigate any return signals."

    21. When they found the power of watermelons in blocking a .50 caliber bullet.


    The myth that a bullet from a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol could penetrate 25 watermelons turned out to be FALSE. It only takes 3 watermelons to stop such a bullet.

    22. And finally, when they tested this odd means of torture and found that it is possible to grow bamboo through a human body.


    After just three days of the experiment, "a couple of bamboo shoots had pierced the torso’s back" of their dummy model. The power of bamboo is real!

    Do you have a favorite, even wilder episode of Mythbusters that you think we missed? Tell us what you think about all these experiments below!

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