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    22 Things I Didn't Believe Could Be True Until I Saw Them On "Mythbusters"

    Will swallowing Mentos and Diet Coke at the same time kill you? Let's find out.

    I love Mythbusters. This show ran many far-out experiments that taught me a lesson or two about believing some funky myths. Here are 22 times the Mythbusters put some age old questions (and a few funny myths) to the test!

    1. When they busted the myth that if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyes will fly out of your face from the force of the sneeze.

    2. When they finally gave us an answer to the question: "Could Jack have fit on that floating piece of debris with Rose in Titanic and survived?"

    3. When they showed that a dog's mouth is "cleaner" than a human's.

    4. When they questioned whether eating poppy seeds before a drug test can lead to a positive test for opioids.

    5. When they showed us time and time again that duct tape can create a lot of things such as "a large trebuchet, shelter, rope, kayaks, clothing, canoes, a bridge, a sail boat, a cannon, and even a full-scale airplane."

    6. When they showed us via closeup that a fart can be ignited by a lighter.

    7. When they deemed it possible that a vehicle fitted with square wheels can provide a smooth ride if driven fast enough.

    8. When they busted the age-old myth that consuming both Mentos and Diet Coke will make a person’s stomach explode.

    9. When they eased our paranoia and confirmed that a penny dropped from a skyscraper cannot gain enough speed to kill a pedestrian.

    10. When they ruined our childhood theories and found that a person cannot survive a free-falling elevator by jumping at the last moment before it hits the ground.

    11. When they broke our little pirate hearts by showing that sticking a knife into a boat's sail is not effective in slowing down a fall.

    12. When they pulled a "mission possible" and showed that it is possible to climb through an air-duct with the right tools.

    13. When they actually showed that a person will stay drier by running in the rain than by walking.

    14. When they busted the (sorta strange and random) idea that a fart can be seen using thermal imaging technology.

    15. When they revealed which toilet stall tends to be the cleanest in a public bathroom.

    16. When they made us feel like Sad Keanu by showing that a bus could not jump a 50-foot gap and keep driving (like we see in the film Speed).

    17. When they tested whether a "rock kicked up by a lawnmower can deliver the same force as a bullet."

    18. When they confirmed our icy suspicions that a falling icicle can kill a person.

    19. When they found that the warmest area to sit by the fireplace was not actually by the fireplace.

    20. When they showed us it's possible to fool a motion detector by holding a bed sheet in front of yourself.

    21. When they found the power of watermelons in blocking a .50 caliber bullet.

    22. And finally, when they tested this odd means of torture and found that it is possible to grow bamboo through a human body.

    Do you have a favorite, even wilder episode of Mythbusters that you think we missed? Tell us what you think about all these experiments below!