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    Apr 22, 2020

    19 Easy Trivia Quizzes That Prove Everyone's An Expert At Something

    Show us what you got, smarty pants!

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

    1. Name the 8 Planets of Our Solar System in 1 Minute and You Win

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    Throw it back to elementary school with this outer space refresher. Hint: Pluto is (sadly) not an answer...

    2. If You Can't Name All of These Vegetables, You Should Be Pretty Embarrassed

    Getty Images

    No shame here. But if you've ever been to a grocery store or eaten a meal, you should get at least a couple of these right!

    3. Only Real Dessert Fans Can Name 8 Out of 10 of These Desserts

    Getty Images

    Foodie lovers, unite!

    4. Name the Seven Continents of the World in One Minute and You Win

    Getty Images

    Seems easy enough, eh? Just list the seven continents of the world and you're good!

    5. You'll Kick Yourself Every Time You Get One Wrong in This Movie Font Quiz

    Warner Bros.

    Just match the fonts to the right movie. You'll be surprised how much personality each movie font carries. Remember that "Papyrus" fiasco?

    6. Only Huge Disney Fans Can Guess 6/8 of These Characters From Their Fruit Portraits

    Getty Images

    Any familiarity with popular Disney characters will make this a "fruitful" quiz for ya.

    7. These Are The 20 Most Misspelled Words in High School — How Many Can You Spell?

    Ryan Seacrest Productions/Columbia Pictures

    Embrce ur inner spellin wizard 4 this quirz! (*wink wink*)

    8. These Are The Easiest Math Test Questions From Kindergarten to Eighth Grade — Can You Pass?


    You + this quiz = feelin' like a bawse.

    10. There Are 50 US States and I'll Be Impressed if You Can Find 15 of Them

    Getty Images

    It might be a bit trickier than you think, but anyone comfortable with a US map should ace this quiz.

    11. Can You Name the Pixar Movie by the Totally Random Scene in the Middle of It?


    A love for Pixar and an eye for context clues will get ya through this one!

    12. There Are 195 Countries — Name Just 6 to Beat This Quiz

    Getty Images

    The country you're living in now can be your first answer!

    13. These Are 10 Of The Easiest Questions In "Jeopardy!" History. Can You Get Them All Correct?


    You won't win any money, but you might win a sense of confidence!

    14. If You Fail This Quiz, You're a Real Dummy About Geography

    Getty Images

    You don't have to be a geographical whiz to take this quiz and do well.

    15. Please Don't Fail This General Knowledge Quiz; It's Super Easy

    Getty Images

    This quiz is so easy that "super easy" is right there in the title!

    16. If You Get Anything Wrong on This Test, You're an Idiot When It Comes to English


    Channel your inner spelling bee winner — you got this!

    17. If You Can't Pass This US Map Test, You're an American Idiot

    Getty Images

    This US map quiz should boost your geographical confidence ASAP!

    18. This Random Knowledge Trivia Quiz IS NOT HARD, but Can You Pass It?

    Warner Bros.

    With a leap of faith, you CAN pass this quiz!

    19. This Quiz Is Almost Too Easy for People With a Lot of Random Knowledge

    Getty Images

    You'd be surprised how many random details really stick!

    Looking for more fun trivia quizzes? Head over to the trivia section on our quiz page.

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