29 Ridiculously Stylish People From Toronto Fashion Week

Goals af.

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Toronto's World Mastercard Fashion Week just wrapped, and BuzzFeed Canada met and talked to some of its fun, stylish attendants about their fashion inspirations and what they think Canada brings to the fashion world.

2. Judy, Gail, Nancy, and Leslie, AKA Fab Four Fashion

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

“You can see the difference across the provinces. We’re from Montreal and when we come to Toronto, we feel overdressed but that’s just how Montreal is.”

7. Alexander Liang, style editor and travel blogger, @alexanderkenton

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

“Nobody does outerwear like Canada. Because it’s cold. And because of the environment we live in, designers really think about outerwear.”

8. Britney Wilson, blogger, @prettylittlehangers

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"There’s a lot of different creative designers that are emerging that have yet to share their designs. I think you’d be really surprised. I think [Canadian fashion designers] are talented but also very humble.”

9. Jonathan Needham, sales manager

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"I work in finance and sales so it’s a lot of suits but you can still be memorable. You gotta stand out to be memorable.”

10. Amanda Montgomery, style blogger, @amandamonty

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed

“I’ve been inspired by fashion since I was three. I’ve been poring over my mom’s fashion magazine since I was three. But really, I love street style so [my inspiration] is everyone I see. And really, people who are courageous with their style.”

11. Teema Abdul & Farhiya Sofe, fashion students, @thetazlife & @violetnova_

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

What is your fashion inspiration?

“The African culture. There’s a lot more fabric and colours. It’s not static." — Teema

“Trying to have my own sense of uniqueness in world of trends. And still trying to have some modesty.” — Farhiya

12. Courtney Reid, administrator, @rice.x

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

“We have a different perspectives and different cultural views that we can bring to the table as Canadians, especially in the GTA. We’re so diverse here. A lot of designers have that to offer in their collections.“

14. Asma Karimi, fashion student, @itsasmakarimi

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"Growing up, I was inspired by my mother and sister. They design. I have fashion in my heritage. I want to keep that going. I get very inspired by modest fashion designers because my style is very modest, classy and simple. I like to incorporate my Afghan heritage but still stay on the modern side. "

15. Gowtham Ratturas, business analyst, @gothamphotographyto

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"David Beckham would probably be my biggest style icon. I’ve been following him for years now. He can pull off anything. And he can do it cooler than anyone else."

16. Kymanee Johnson, fashion student, @kajmanie

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

What does Canada have to offer the fashion world? "Fur. And really good fur designs because we want to look good and we want to stay warm."

17. Joseph Adamu, student & Abdullah Khatib, blogger, @absdulla

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"I’m a fan of layers. I like bundling up and looking good. Fall actually interests me. I’m looking at summer and I’m saying, ‘nah.’" — Joseph

"I’m a big fan of simplicity. Club Monaco, etc. just simplified, no big logos. Just wearing those simple things as essentials of a wardrobe." — Abdullah

18. Jayjay Kings, alternative model, @jayjaykings

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"[My fashion inspiration} is based on breaking rules of gender. For me, I can one day want to be more feminine or one day I want to be more masculine. It doesn't mean that I want to be a girl or a boy; it's just that I identify with that outlet that day.

Someone that I love is Grace Jones. She's very iconic."

19. Lauren O'Neil, journalist & Steve Stinson, 31, art director @laurenonizzle, @stinsonsteven

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

What's your fashion inspiration?

"I love wearing things that make me feel good. I like things that are girly and youthful, but also put together and polished. The thing I like about fashion is that you can dress different for different occasions; I love to outfit myself to represent myself to the world in that particular situation." — Lauren

"I’m more like a colour-blind preppy thug. That’s kind of my style. A lot of mix-and-match but the best part is being from Toronto – a very multicultural city in Canada – I’m very accepted no matter what weird combinations I wear. Fashionable or not, I’m still accepted." — Steve

20. Winston Thomas, works at a car dealership

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"I’m a polo guy. I love polo shirts. That’s what I wear every day. My wife and stepdaughter – they buy it for me."

22. Margaux Rolston, interior designer

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

"[Canada] has not had designers very exposed to fashion like in Paris and Milan. Therefore they're kind of untainted. They can start something easily here without being spoiled. There's an innocence here."

21. Filipa Jackson, wardrobe stylist, @filipajackson

Vicky Mochama / BuzzFeed Canada

“I dress for myself. I feel like I don’t fit into any pocket. I’m goofy sometimes or sometimes I’m sophisticated."