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16 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Sports Fans

16 Different Sports & a related Famous Athlete Unique DIY Halloween Costumes that involves clothing you will be able to wear more than once! Halloween is an awesome excuse to buy your favorite Athlete's Jersey/ Attire! Last minute Sports Halloween Costume ideas with clickable links to Amazon Prime.

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1. Baseball - José Bautista

What you will need:•Costume Beard•Blue Jays Shirt/Jersey•Blue Jays Hat@joeybats19

2. Softball - Jennie Finch

What you will need: •U.S.A. Shirt• Shorts•Tall Socks@jenniefinch
Chris Mooney / Via

What you will need:

U.S.A. Shirt


Tall Socks


3. Gymnastics - Simone Biles

What you will need:•Leotard•Gold Medals(Bonus For Couples: Simone & Zac Efron)@simone_biles

What you will need:


Gold Medals

(Bonus For Couples: Simone & Zac Efron)


4. Track & Field - Usain Bolt

What you will need:•Jamaica Tank Top/Shirt•Compression ShortsSweatpants•Jamaican Flag@UsainBolt

5. Football - Cam Newton

What you will need:•Panthers Jersey•Black Do-rag•Gatorade Towel@CameronNewton

6. Volleyball - Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh-Jennings

What you will need: •U.S.A. Long Sleeve•Swimsuit Bottoms•Headband•Clear Sports Glasses@MistyMayTreanor@kerrileewalsh

7. Hockey - Sidney Crosby

What you will need:•Penguins Jersey/Shirt•Black Shorts•White Compression Leggings•White Helmet

8. Boxing/ UFC - Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Ronda Rousey

What you will need: For Mayweather: • Boxing Shorts • Boxing Gloves • Title Belt • Robe For Rousey:  • UFC Sports Bra/Tank top • Black Spandex/Compressions • UFC Gloves • Title belt@floydmayweather@rondarousey

9. CrossFit - Rich Froning Jr.

What you will need:•Rich Froning CrossFit Shirt•Black Sweatbands (Head and Wrists)•Reebok Red CrossFit Shorts@RichFroning

10. Basketball - LeBron James

What you will need:•Cavaliers Jersey•Gym Shorts•Sweatband•Arm Sleeve@kingjames

11. Soccer - David Beckham or Alex Morgan

What you will need: For Beckham: •Costume Tattoo Arm Sleeves•Soccer Jersey•Shorts•Tall SocksFor Morgan: •Pink Headband•Soccer Jersey•Shorts•Tall Socks@alexmorgan13
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12. Swimming - Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky

What you will need:•Swimsuit or Swim Compressions•Swim Cap•Goggles•Swim Parka@MichaelPhelps@katieledecky
Rob Scumacher & Chang W. Lee / Via &

13. Golf - Rickie Fowler

What you will need:•Orange Golf Shirt•White Belt•Flat Bill Hat•Golf Pants•Orange Shoes@RickieFowler

14. Cycling - Lance Armstrong

What you will need:•Bike Helmet•Yellow Cycling Shirt•Cycling Shorts•Cycling Gloves@lancearmstrong

15. Tennis - Serena & Venus Williams

What you will need:For Serena: •White Long Sleeve•Pink Sweatbands (Head and Wrists)•White Tennis SkirtFor Venus: •White Tank top•White Visor•White Tennis Skirt@SerenaWilliams@Venuseswilliams

16. ESPN Sports Reporter - Holly Rowe

What you will need:•Microphone•Red Lipstick•Royal Blue Dress or Royal Blue Blazer & Black Slacks @sportsiren

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