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    Vinny And Pauly D Reading Thirst Tweets Is Something I Could Watch For The Rest Of Time


    These two Italian stallions are none other than DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino — the most iconic duo on this side of the boardwalk:

    Promotional poster of Pauly D and Vinny

    In honor of the new season of Double Shot at Love, we put them to the ultimate test — they read your thirstiest tweets about them.

    Pauly D reads a tweet that says "I would let Pauly D split me open"

    And spoiler alert: It got pretty hot, pretty fast. Just see for yourself:

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    So, do what you will with this 🔥spicy🔥 content. The Italian stallions thank you.

    In case you need more of these tanned studs, don't you fret, because you can watch Pauly D help Vinny find his Keto Guidette on the new season of Double Shot at Love, airing only on MTV: