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    Kang Daniel Had 3 Minutes To Answer 30 Questions And He Ended Up Giving Us His Best Morgan Freeman Impression

    "I can smell you."

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    Alright, if you don't know Korean singer-songwriter extraordinaire Kang Daniel, literally where have you been?

    To celebrate the release of his new EP, Daniel sat down with us to answer 30 rapid-fire questions in just 3 minutes!

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    He was nervous but — spoiler alert — he did just fine.

    From the first thing he does in the morning to who he'd bring with him on a desert island, his answers did not disappoint! We even got a little insight into how he feels about bugs...

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    Watch the full video below to get to know him a little better!

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    If you want more Kang Daniel, make sure to check out his new EP YELLOW, out now!

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