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    Leslie Mann And Judd Apatow Put Their Marriage To The Test With This Quiz — See How Many Questions They Got Right

    "It would be so easy to cheat. I could've lied!"

    Judd Apatow's new movie, The Bubble, just hit Netflix today!

    And in honor of the release, we invited Judd and Leslie Mann to see how well they know each other — after 25 years of marriage — and take our Relationship Test!

    We quizzed them on everything from their favorite date night activity...

    Leslie says Judd's date would involve a lot of Loudon Wainwright the first time they realized they had a crush on each other...

    Judd says it happened on a date at a Lakers game that Leslie didn't even realize was a date their favorite projects.

    By the end, Judd and Leslie were neck and neck, but Leslie quickly came in for the win!

    Watch the full video with Judd and Leslie below:

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    And be sure to watch The Bubble on Netflix!