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    Jay B From Got7 Read His Thirst Tweets And Wants To Know What The Deal Is With Choking

    "These rough activities kind of scare me."

    So, we recently dropped our First Times video with the one and only Jay B.

    The video is so sweet, and he gave us some amazing stories about his firsts. BUT we couldn't help but notice that fans were clamoring for something a little...~thirstier~

    @BuzzFeed @amy_igot7 @jaybnow_hr @H1GHRMUSIC Next up is can you let us answer his question for this? 😌

    @noviceahgase / Via Twitter: @noviceahgase

    Ask and you shall receive, friends.

    Watch below for his hilarious and adorable reactions to his extremely thirsty fans!

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    We hope your thirst is quenched. Now, make sure to stream Jay B's new EP, Somo:Fume, out now! And then check out his music video for "B.T.W," featuring Jay Park and produced by Cha Cha Malone.