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    Elle Fanning And Nicholas Hoult Might Hate Each Other In "The Great," But Their Chemistry Off Screen Is Undeniable


    Hear ye, hear ye — Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia have made their royal return for Season 2 of The Great.

    The couple played by Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning standing side-by-side as they wear royal regalia

    And while their characters can't stand each other on screen...

    ...the actors who play them — Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult — are the best of friends as soon as the director yells "Cut!"

    So, we recently sat down with them to see how well they actually know each other, in a segment we like to call The Costar Test!

    And we talked about everything, from their trailer must-haves — Nicholas loves to keep tequila and a teddy bear close by... their favorite thing to do between scenes, and for Elle, it's snacking at craft services.

    To find out more about what these two are like off screen, be sure to check out their adorable video below!

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    BuzzFeed Celeb / Brenden Dahle

    And if you want to see more of Elle and Nicholas, check out Season 2 of The Great on Hulu.