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    12 Corny-Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Before The Summer Ends

    Because the corny things in life are the best things in life...

    1. Lay Out on a Blanket and Stargaze


    Find a spot that's not too shady (both definitions of the word).

    2. Make a Trivia Game About Yourselves

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    Boys vs. Girls? Roomies vs. Roomies?

    Have one person be the game show host and create questions.

    Up the ante by putting high stakes on the line... a rent controlled apartment maybe?

    3. Mini-Golf

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    Just remember that there are children present before you start cursing your friends out for being better than you.

    4. LASER TAG

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    Just... don't get too competitive.

    5. Plan a Field Day


    Flashback to elementary school! Your field day can include activities like a water balloon toss, three-legged race, tug of war, limbo, hula hoop contest, and an egg/spoon race!

    6. Take a Class Together

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    Cooking, pottery, painting, wine tasting, dancing, acting– you wanna learn it, Groupon has a deal for it.

    7. Build an Outdoor Fort


    More ideas here.

    8. Photo Scavenger Hunt

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    Find a mullet = 20 points

    Trade pants with a stranger = 30 points

    Pour baked beans down your pants in front of your waitress = 40 points

    Get a lock of ginger hair = 50 points

    9. Go to a Roller-Rink



    And Queen B still goes, so should you.

    10. Take a Group Photo in Matching Outfits

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    Why? Because you'll get hella likes on Insta probs.

    For more ideas or to recreate already brilliant photos, please refer to these white families.

    11. Make a Lip Dub Video

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Who knows? Maybe it'll go viral! Get started on Dubsmash NOW.

    12. Hold an Outdoor Marathon Screening of Childhood TV Shows


    Step 1: Make a projector with your smartphone or buy one for cheap.

    Tip: Use a big white sheet as your screen.

    Step 2: Pick a #tbt TV show (FYI– The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and a buttload of other early 2000s shows are on Netflix!)

    Step 3: Enjoy the show, the weather, and your company!


    Don't waste this last bit of summer... GET UP, GET OUT, AND MAKE SOME MEMORIEZ!