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How To Fly Business Class Without Selling A Kidney

Because we're not all rich...

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Collect Air Miles

The fastest way to get that free Business Class ticket is by collecting air miles. Sign up for air miles credit cards to earn points every time you spend. You'll usually get a big sign-up bonus just for joining, plus you can use travel hacking to boost the miles. Then simply use those miles to upgrade when you fly!

Ask for an upgrade at check-in

Sometimes when airlines have empty seats they'll let you upgrade on the day for a fraction of the cost, so it's always worth asking when you check-in.

Book offline

Believe it or not, booking online isn't always cheaper. Yes you can hunt for deals on comparison sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights, but the best fares can't be found online. Business class flight companies like cut special contracts with the airlines that allow them to supply heavily discounted deals privately to you. Expect to pay up to 50% off the regular price.

Get bumped

Sometimes airlines will overbook their flights, meaning they sell more seats than are actually available on the plane. When this happens, they'll look for volunteers who don't mind being 'bumped' off the flight. The benefits to doing this include things like compensation, vouchers and even a Business Class upgrade when you do fly.

Look out for sales

Airlines will run sales at various points throughout the year, including the Black Friday and January Sales. This is the ideal time to scoop up a cheap business class ticket.

Keep an eye out for error fares.

Sometimes airlines will make errors when posting flight deals on their websites. You can sign up for newsletters that will alert you to error fares with sites like Secret Flying, Holiday Pirates and FlyNous.

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