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Posted on Oct 31, 2015

14 Genius Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Redheads

They can be made in the time it takes for your Uber to arrive.

1. Archie

Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

2. Kim Possible

The Disney Channel

3. Blossom

Cartoon Network

Easy and adorable. Get a light pink dress and a black belt. Tie a red ribbon in your hair and you’re done! Add white tights and Mary Jane shoes if you have extra time.

4. Wendy From Gravity Falls

The Disney Channel

5. Ms. Frizzle

PBS Kids / Discovery Kids

6. Or Arnold from The Magic School Bus

Grab a rugby shirt (preferably yellow) and put on some jeans and glasses. Act terrified of everything all night.

7. A Red Herring


Wear anything red that you already own, or just rely on your ~fabulous~ locks to do the redding for you. Then print out a picture of a herring and tape it on your shirt. Done.

8. Atomic Betty

Cartoon Network

This one could be a liiiittle more complicated: Get a pair of white earmuffs and put your ginger locks into a high ponytail. Get some white construction paper and cut out a collar for yourself, as well as two triangles to tape on your shoulders to imitate her uniform. If you have a white belt, throw that on over a magenta dress. If not, make it out of paper and tape. White gloves and white boots will complete the look.

9. Wendy (From Wendy’s)


You’ve got two options: Either go as traditional Wendy and braid your hair into two pigtails, tie it off with some blue ribbon and grab and blue and white striped dress, or go modern and wear whatever you’ve got on and force your friend to stop at Wendy’s before the party.


10. Hipster Ariel

Meme Generator / Walt Disney Pictures

You had red hair before it was cool. Show it off with an easy, meme friendly costume. Get a purple t-shirt and green skinny jeans. A pair of thick, black frames will complete the look. Wear your hair down and go be where the people are!

11. Oliver From Oliver and Company

Walt Disney Pictures

A cat costume can be overdone, but this is a good one. Grab anything orange out of your closet. Draw a cat nose and whiskers on your face in eyeliner. For the ears, tape two orange paper triangles on a headband.

12. Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

Focus Features

Blue eyeliner, a pink dress and binoculars. Plus a vacant, twee expression. Got it? Go forth and Halloween.

13. Donna Noble from Doctor Who


Oi, Spaceman! You could be Donna Noble, arguably the best companion EVER. Anything purple is good. If you want to reference a particular episode, try “Turn Left” and cut a beetle out of black construction paper and tape it to your back. All night people will be telling you, “THERE’S SOMETHING ON YOUR BACK.”

14. Or, gingerbread


Grab a loaf of bread. Now you are Ginger-bread.

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