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10 Christmas Movies That Aren't That Christmasy

For when you just can't watch Elf anymore.

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1. Iron Man 3

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That's right, you forgot this was set at Christmastime, didn't you? Yes, this, the best of the Iron Man movies, happened to happen during our most festive season. But aside from several strategically placed Christmas trees and a few jokes about what to get Pepper, there isn't much Christmas to be found, but just enough to qualify.

3. Are We There Yet?

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This family friendly film puts Ice Cube on a road trip from Hell with those two kids from Haunted Mansion. It also takes place during Christmastime, with the kids pulling some Yuletide themed pranks that are almost Kevin McAllister level.

4. While You Were Sleeping

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Watch 90's Sandra Bullock BS her way into a family Christmas by lying about her relationship with a man whose life she's just saved. Way more romantic than it sounds, obviously. There are delightful old people and a rather charming Bill Pullman, whom you may fall in love with. Christmas isn't really a huge factor, there's just a bit of gift opening and a funny scene involving a Christmas tree.

6. The Holiday

This is one of those gorgeous Nancy Meyers films, where everyone is beautiful and dresses in cream colors. Watch this for the incredible performances and the mood boost. Seriously, every time you watch, it'll make you want to be a woman with gumption. Though it takes place over the festive season, I think there's about one Christmas tree in the whole shebang. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a great fake Lindsay Lohan movie trailer.

7. Christmas With The Kranks

Despite the title, this movie isn't particularly Christmas-y. It's all about wanting to get out of Christmas, and watching Tim Allen make life awkward for himself. (Be warned, there's also a scene of him in a speedo.)

8. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton has a particular knack for making Christmas movies that aren't really Christmas movies (See the Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman Returns), and Scissorhands is one of those movies that can work any time of the year, but is especially special from October to January.

9. You've Got Mail

This movie is delightful any time of the year, but around Christmas, it is magical. There are several pivotal scenes that take place around the festive time. Meg Ryan's character decorates a Christmas tree, which officially makes it a Christmas movie.

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