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5 Reasons To Never Visit Cape Town

Seriously. Don't visit. It's not worth your time and I can prove it to you with ONLY five reasons.

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5. There is nothing to do in Cape Town

Victoria Walker / Via Personal Photo

You will never be able to find anything to do, especially involving beaches, hiking and eating out at restaurants.

(Pictured: View of V&A Waterfront from Sunset Cruise)

4. Speaking of eating, the food there is HORRIBLE

Victoria Walker / Via Personal Photo

You have little to no options for what type of food you would like to eat. Never mind the fact it also is TASTELESS. Just stay away from the lack of a delicious food scene.

(Pictured: Chickpea burger with spinach and butternut squash)

3. Table Mountain is ugly to look at

Victoria Walker / Via

You are never able to get a good view of the mountain. It's always SO cloudy and you will not be able to get a picture of the mountain with the city underneath. Plus apparently when you get up to the top the view is horrible. It's just not worth your time.

(Pictured: View of Table Mountain and Cape Town from ferry to Robben Island)

2. Cape Point is not that beautiful

Victoria Walker / Via

Seeing the Atlantic Ocean meet the Indian Ocean is nothing special. Like everywhere else in the Cape Town area, the views are horrible and I highly suggest not visiting.

(Pictured: Cliffs at Cape Point)

1. At the end of the day, Cape Town is just an ugly city with no character

Victoria Walker / Via

So PLEASE NEVER VISIT. It is not worth that cherished number one spot on your bucket list. It would MAYBE be top 100, but that is pushing it.

(Pictured: Houses in Bo-Kaap)

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