Why We Should Learn English From The Japanese

This Japanese TV channel found a way to teach people English by mixing PowerRanger moves and women in gym outfits. The results are educationally mind-blowing.

I sympathize with people who identify English as their second, third, or fourth language. I have, for instance, taken many English classes and courses after moving from a Spanish-speaking country to the U.S. ALL those hours of hard work to improve my English skills could have been prevented had I watched the videos of Japanese people learning English.

2. What to say when your stomach is acting funny

YouTube / Via youtube.com
YouTube / Via youtube.com

Just say that you have diarrhea, it’s OK.

4. What to say when you want to ask someone on a date

This is a simple question, though dance moves are encouraged.

5. Assuming your date went well, this is what to say when you want to take things to the next level

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Go big or go home.

6. What to say when discussing your favorite movie

YouTube / Via youtube.com

yeah, that scene.

7. Situation 1: What to say when getting mugged

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Side note: WTF IS THE GUY ON BLUE WEARING? He’s a tough looking criminal.

8. 1st

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Get rid of any material possession.

9. 2nd

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Beg for your life (extra points if you can do the lunges)

10. 3rd

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Tell the cops what happened.

11. Congratulations, you are now prepared to do aerobics and speak English at the same time

YouTube / Via youtube.com

12. Like a boss.

YouTube / Via youtube.com

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