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7 Remarkable Signs From The Hong Kong Protests

The international media may have left, but thousands of protestors are still there, peacefully opposing Communist China’s crackdown on democracy.

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Protestors are still gathered in downtown Hong Kong, demanding political reform in the semi-autonomous city-state.

The stunning pictures of the massive crowds have made their way around the world, but these signs and posters offer a look into the mentality of the demonstrators and their motivation. They reveal a well-organized, peaceful, and idealistic crowd standing up to the Chinese Communist Party.

4. Creativity in the face of government intimidation

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This poster suggests a number of alternative uses for the omnipresent barricades set up around the city, including pommel bars, BBQ, and clotheslines.

6. Confidence In Their Cause

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Many in Hong Kong believe the crowds that have gathered in opposition to the protests are made up of paid thugs tasked with breaking up the peaceful movement and demonstrating support for the Hong Kong and Chinese governments.

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Since the government has refused to have honest dialogue with the protestors, many believe that if they do not secure democracy and free & open elections by 2017, they will have lost a free society forever.