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  • Beauly

    When rescued he was very skinny, covered in cuts with matted hair and was scared of many things and cowered. After lots of TLC he has come out of his shell, gaining confidence. If he wants cuddles he will place his head and paw on your lap. When preparing his dinner he stands on both back legs beside you to see what you are making and will often give you a tap on the back with his paw… When we come home he howls with excitement and does a circular dance! Yesterday I caught him watching White Fang wolves on TV. He loves to play with other dogs and children, especially at the beach. Unfortuently he has a remote control fetish and likes to chew them / bury in the garden much to my husbands dismay and I often find my slippers in the garden. His favorite toy is a squeaky bunny that he gentaly carries around the house and he loves to be brushed and stroked on his belly. We are so glad we rescued such an amazing dog, he makes us smile everyday with his quirky personality.

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