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17 You Know If You And Your Partner Are Basically The Same Person

Brain twin: when someone thinks and acts exactly like you.

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1. Meeting somebody who gets you is amazing. Dating somebody who gets you is THE BEST.

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You know when people say they've just met someone, but it feels like they've known each other all their lives? Not bullshit. Some people find it with their BFF, others with their partners – the truly lucky ones find it in both.

2. It's a lot like having a weird twin.

...but one you're really, really attracted to.


7. Because your brains work pretty much the same.

People say men are from Mars and women from Venus, but you're pretty sure you two are a pair of aliens from Pluto.


9. But fighting with your personality match can be a weird experience.

It will often blow over quickly because you can see where the other's coming from. Other times it will be hard to reach a standstill because you're too much alike.


15. And you're always in each other's corner.


Whether you've got a shared wanderlust, a mutual desire to eat yourselves into oblivion, or equal interest in going hard in the gym, they'll support you and even be game to join you for pretty much any endeavor.