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24 Things Irish People Miss When They Move Away

Lamenting the old country when you go to Spain for a week? Normal.

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1. Brennan's bread

Some prefer the Batch variety, others favour the sliced pan. Want to make it even better? Try a crisp sandwich. Carb on carb 4 lyf.

2. Full Irish breakfasts

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: benklaasen

Thick cut back bacon, juicy, meaty sausages (gotta be SuperValu, nee Superquinn), black and white pudding, baked beans, toast (with real Irish butter), fried eggs, fried tomato, and some form of fried potato. Breakfast abroad just isn't the same.


7. Proper tea

We have so many superior brands of tea for such a little country. And FYI, there's nothing wrong with packing boxes of Barry's for a mini-break.

8. The weather

Because when it's sunny all the time, what is there to complain about?


10. Club Orange

Drinking it cures all ills.

11. Tayto

The best damn crisps in the world.

12. Chatting to Dublin taxi drivers at 4am

They're always on hand to offer their take on the state of the nation.


13. Maniac 2000

The unofficial national anthem, it even went back to number one on its 15th birthday this year. When you're on a night out and you know that there's not even a tiny chance that the DJ will play Mark McCabe's classic, well, it stands no chance of being the perfect night out.

14. Good old self-deprecation


We don't like to get full our ourselves, now. Compliment an Irish woman on her dress, and her default reaction will likely be "STOP, it's hideous, I should have burned it years ago!" That's normal.

15. Irish pub culture

We might bemoan it from time to time, but knowing there's always going to be somewhere open on a Tuesday night for a pint is oddly comforting.


18. Eddie Rockets

Often imitated, never perfected, there's nothing quite like an Eddie's malt with a side of bacon cheese fries.

20. Irish Chinese food

Okay, it's probably* not authentic Asian food. But chicken balls, 3in1s, spice bags et al are a special part of being Irish.



21. Friendly Irish faces


People saying "hi" for no reason, starting random conversations on the bus, and making best friends on nights out are all things that happen in Ireland. And it's these moments that you'll miss when you leave.

22. Rolls from the deli

Whether they're stuffed with breaded chicken fillet or breakfast items, they'll cure even the very worst of hangovers.

24. And finally: Penneys

Yes, we know they have Primark elsewhere. But it's NOT the same.