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    26 Reasons Dublin's Northside Beats Its Southside

    Raised or live north of the Liffey? You'll get it.

    1. First things first: There's more bang for your buck on the northside.

    2. And everyone know that Howth > Dun Laoghaire.

    3. We have the best street art.

    4. The cinemas on the odd-numbered side are just better.

    5. And besides, BOD is one of us.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: marielecoq

    BOD is a northside god. Sure he went to school on the southside, but he's a Clontarf lad — and in this pic he's getting an honorary doctorate from DCU.

    6. Talking of which, DCU is great.

    7. Everyone knows that Barrytown rules Dublin.

    20th Century Fox

    Roddy Doyle set his iconic novels-turned-films The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van in a fictional town on the northside for a reason: Northsiders have soul, and major craic.

    8. And that Chapter One is superior to basically all southside establishments.

    9. There's not a southsider out there who'll be able to find a better pint of Guinness than one from The Gravediggers.

    10. There's no denying that Tamangos is where the gang goes.

    11. Or that McGowan's in Phibsborough is a great spot.

    12. And Beshoff's is an absolute northside classic.

    13. Talking of classics, pretty much everyone got the wear at least once in Barcode.


    The most hilarious night club ever. RIP.

    14. But it's not only our drinking spots that win; our shops beat southside's too. Maureen's is a Stoneybatter institution.

    15. And Capel Street is a treasure trove of randomness.

    16. Arnotts is undoubtedly the city's greatest department store.

    17. Actually, Henry St kicks Grafton St's ass in general.

    18. Moore Street is where it's at for fruit, veg, and meat.

    19. Talbot Street is a vintage shopfront paradise.

    20. But most importantly, the original (and best) Penneys lives on DNS.

    21. We're closer to Ikea on the northside.

    22. And Clery's Clock will be a meeting spot for ever.

    23. We have some excellent date spots.

    24. Like The Cobblestone.

    25. And Malahide Castle is an awesome dog walking spot.

    26. And besides, all the best celebs are all northsiders.

    HBO / Via

    U2, Samantha Mumba, half of Westlife (the ones who are Dubs), Boyzone, Glen Hansard, Colin Farrell, Luke Kelly, Gavin James...

    Face it: Life's just better on Dublin's northside.

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