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28 Things That Happen When You Date Someone Who Works In IT

*insert The IT Crowd joke here*

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1. You probably don't have a clue what they *actually* do.

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But hey, you don't really need to. Tech is the new version of whatever it was Chandler Bing did back in the 90s. It probably involves a cloud, or something.

3. Sometimes, they bring you home free snacks from work.


Or invite you to keg parties, table quizzes and office happy hours, because their extra-curricular work lifestyle is ANNOYINGLY cool.

4. They get early access to all the hottest new apps and updates...

FOX / Via reddit.com

They'll probably have that new cheese emoji before you do. And they're definitely a Yelp Elite member. Face it, you're impressed.

8. Your home Wi-Fi network will always have a funny name.


Because they know how to change it, let's be honest.

10. Your family are impressed and confused by what they do.

But who cares! You love them for who they are. Awww.

16. Actually they have top-of-the-range everything.

Universal / Via davidhasselhoff.tumblr.com

Smaller, faster, lighter, stronger. Th-th-th-that don't run quick, will only make them madder. So prepare to enjoy high quality gadgets, because once you go top notch, you never go back.

25. You've definitely been kept up late to stream some tech conference taking place halfway across the world.

Via reddit.com

It's nice because people cheer a lot, and clap. Everything seems really positive and uplifting because well, everyone there is probably a gazillionaire.

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