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    7 Extremely Valid Reasons Why "Too Hot To Handle" Stressed The Hell Out Of Me

    I can't help but binge an unhealthy amount of reality TV, but who would have guessed the amount of stress that comes with it!

    1. Everyone is super good-looking.

    Netflix / Via

    Every time someone new walked in, I had a new crush. Their long legs, cute outfits, and great hair caught me off guard EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME!

    2. Harry reminds me of that annoying relative I avoid at family functions.

    Netflix / Via

    I was shook that Harry was capable to have a serious moment and earn a green light with Francesca.

    3. When David applied sunscreen on Rhonda.


    Why did he only put it on her buns? The awkward silence that followed was longer than Lana's dramatic pauses.

    4. I could feel Francesca's RBF through the screen.


    Her perfectly-applied eyeliner doesn't make the RBF any less smoldering, TBH.

    5. When Bryce started singing, I didn't know whether to laugh or stop watching.


    It just reminded me of a middle school talent show, and I wasn't ready to revisit that.

    6. Kelz should have left when Haley did.


    He made NO improvement. Honestly, the whole accountant thing was *probably* a scheme to be a party pooper.

    7. And finally, I see myself in Chloe and... I am not sure if I should be worried or not.


    Don't get me wrong, I love Chloe. But her behavior and new-found appreciation for her yoni makes me loose sleep, NGL.

    Did you get ~stressed~ during THTH? Tell us why below, so we can bond.