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    7 Extremely Valid Reasons Why "Too Hot To Handle" Stressed The Hell Out Of Me

    I can't help but binge an unhealthy amount of reality TV, but who would have guessed the amount of stress that comes with it!

    1. Everyone is super good-looking.

    2. Harry reminds me of that annoying relative I avoid at family functions.

    3. When David applied sunscreen on Rhonda.

    4. I could feel Francesca's RBF through the screen.

    5. When Bryce started singing, I didn't know whether to laugh or stop watching.

    6. Kelz should have left when Haley did.

    7. And finally, I see myself in Chloe and... I am not sure if I should be worried or not.

    Did you get ~stressed~ during THTH? Tell us why below, so we can bond.