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The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Job Hunting

Ohhhhh, Hell is a place on Earth.

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Whether you have recently graduated ... have not recently graduated, were in the market for a new job, or just seem to have picked a career where it is extremely hard to find a job (writing), you've probably come to realize that job hunting sucks. The whole process. Sucks. / Via

I know, I know, you're in a safe place now.

The search always seems to go the same way, with the same result. Frustration. / Via

Let's get strapped in to this rollercoaster, shall we?

You may sit online for hours, searching career boards and job postings. If you're like me, you even get emails sent to your inbox from at 5 a.m!!! / Via

With any luck, you'll find something and think, hey, I could do this! But then see in the requirements that the job requires 5-10 years of experience, 2 certificates, 4 internships, and offers a salary you couldn't even have lived off of in college.

Sometimes, you keep scrolling, but sometimes, you bite the bullet and apply. / Via

Copy that resume, create that cover letter that no one will even read more than a sentence of, write down those references you hope won't pick up.

You hit send and hope for the best. But after a day or two, you get less and less hopeful. / Via

*checks email and phone every 2 minutes*

Much of the time, no one answers. But sometimes, they do! And it seems if one does, they all do. It happens all at once, and at the same time. / Via

All these people want me? Obviously. I'm the best. (Big self-esteem change from ya know, an hour ago).

They want to set up a phone interview. Because no one wants to bother to meet you .. in person anymore. / Via

Also, just off stalking your social media, they couldn't tell if you were a psychopath or not. But who are you to complain? Step one!

Then, one of two things happen. One, the person falls off the face of the earth. Two, they want to bring you in to meet in person! / Via

Get that same outfit you wear to every interview ready!

You get up in the morning pumped. Your resume is printed, you have questions to ask, examples to show, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to get to this interview. / Via

Planes, trains, and automobiles are no match for you.

You answer and say the same things you did in the first interview. / Via

But with a bit more .. pizazz.

And (hopefully) walk out feeling confident. There is no way in the world you didn't just get this job. / Via

Crushed it.

The next day (or rest of the week) you sit and anticipate the call / email. / Via

Is it a junk call, or is it them? Let's pick up and find out regardless!

And maybe, they called and offered you your dream job (or any job, for that matter) but since you're reading this post, they probably didn't. / Via

Maybe they sent you a nice thank you but no thank you email. But they probably just never answered or responded at all.

And you're back to square one. / Via

I'm just going to lay here for awhile.

But don't give up, friends. If it didn't happen, it wasn't for you. Our time is coming! / Via

(Things I tell myself to keep from crying)

May the job market ever be in your favor.

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