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    17 Discontinued '90s And '00s Snacks You Definitely Forgot About

    Part of me still thinks we can all go back to our parents' kitchen and find these in the cabinets 😞.

    1. Heinz EZ Squirt

    Heinz / Via

    The preferred condiment of weird kids everywhere πŸ‘½

    2. The Lion King Bug Pops

    A box that says "Cool Creations Bug Pops," depicting multi-color popsicles with gummy bugs embedded in each pop. The box shows Timon and Pumbaa, a cartoon meerkat and warthog (respectively) with branding from Disney's The Lion King franchise.

    Why don't we put gummies in popsicles anymore?

    3. Wendy's Biggie Fries

    Wendy's / Via, Wendy's / Via

    In my opinion, Wendy's fries were better back when they were served out of this carton. And don't forget a Biggie Frosty for dippin'!

    4. Ruffles Light

    Frito-Lay, Frito-Lay / Via

    Chips fried in a lab-made cooking oil that human digestive systems can't absorb, so the oil just came right out the other end when you ate it. Yum! 😬

    5. Sportz

    Nabisco / Via

    A specially-shaped cheese cracker for every occasion 🏈

    6. Torengos

    Kellogg's / Via

    On paper, these were not the "ideal" tortilla chip. But they were delicious and it was so easy to eat the whole can in one sitting.

    7. Tic Tac Silvers


    These just felt ~fancier~ than regular Tic Tacs.

    8. Pepsi Blue

    Flickr Creative Commons / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / Via

    Peak early '00s cool boy aesthetic. *Chef's kiss*

    9. Fi-Bars

    A box of snack bars called Fi-Bar, which have a raspberry filling and semi-sweet chocolate outer coating.

    These were basically candy but you and your parents could both pretend they were ~healthy~.

    10. Publix Bakery Rainbow Bread

    Bringing back my childhood with the @Publix rainbow bread #rainbow #rainbowbread


    It was plain sandwich bread, but in swirled rainbow colors. If you didn't grow up near a Publix, you missed out.

    11. A few bites of chocolate pudding from your mom's plate at the Wendy's salad bar.

    A plate of salad with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese
    Wendy's / Via

    It's not stealing if it's just a few bites! 😊

    12. Cheetos, but in this can:

    A cylindrical can of crunchy style Cheetos with a flexible plastic lid and freshness seal, similar to a Pringles can but shorter and wider.

    They're the same Cheetos but I swear the can was just better πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    13. Lemon Coolers

    A yellow box of small round cookies heavily dusted in powdered sugar. The box says "Lemon Coolers" in blue italic font.
    Niche Foods

    These cookies were so ~refreshing~.

    14. Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet

    A plastic bottle of a single serving of Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet, stylized as "diet Mtn Dew ULTRA VIOLET." The label us icy blue and white, and the soda is lavender in color.

    This purple nectar fueled so many college all-nighters.

    15. Parkay Fun Squeeze

    Parkay / Via

    Part of the *original* blue waffle πŸ™ƒ

    16. Cheddarfetti

    A pink and purple foil bag of Cheddarfetti snack crackers, which are tiny cheese-flavored crackers in different geometric shapes

    The way it felt to bite down on each shape! The powder-fine salt they were dusted in! Never again will we get to experience these πŸ’”

    17. And finally, Bagel-fuls

    Kraft, Kraft / Via

    Were these also kind of a 2010s snack? Yes. Do we miss them just as much? Also yes.