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10 Nightmares Only '00s High Schoolers Will Understand

We can all agree some things are better left in the past — like acne. Get bright, clear skin with Vichy Normaderm.

1. Being embarrassed by parents who won't let you have a cell phone but insist on calling you at your friend's house:

2. Accidentally connecting to the internet on your flip phone and panicking that your parents would get charged and take away your phone:

'Cause then you'd have to use their landline and risk having your parents answer when your friends called.

3. Forgetting to take care of your digital pet and finding it dead the next day:

4. Getting the hang of T9 when you finally get a cell phone:

5. Getting kicked off instant messenger because your mom wants to use the phone, but you have dial-up internet:

6. Stressing about making the ~perfect~ playlist that will fit on a CD for your crush:

7. Messing up this dance in gym class and embarrassing yourself:

8. Trying to narrow down your Top 8 without offending anyone:

9. Breaking a butterfly clip in your collection, throwing off your perfect colour sequence:

Do we even need to comment on this one?

10. Dealing with the struggle of having half your favorite movies on VHS and half on DVD:

Thankfully, you don’t need to deal with these anymore! Now you can leave acne in the past too with Vichy Normaderm.

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