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Twitter - Some Awesome "Who Called It" Puns

Twitter World is a crazy world for Puns, Jokes and Memes. Lately when Twitteratis are following a format for jokes. One Twitterati posts something and then tons of them make puns in similar format. In this post I have go some wonderful puns in one the ongoing format - "Who called it". Hope you guys will love them.

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Who called it Maggi and not moh-moh ke dhaage ☺️

Who called it piracy of movies and not videocon?

Who called it masturbation and not fastest fingers first.

@thehasnainraza Who called it खतना, and not काटना.

Who called it Triple Talaq and not Talalalaq?

Who called it blue tick & not ego booster.

Who called it a dildo and not a "selfie stick" .

Who called it Circulatory System and not Alcohol System !!🍻

Who called it "double faced people " not a mask?

Who called her vidhya vox and not a mix box.

Who called it HR head, not massi ji.

Who called it Temple visit and not Shaadi.. 😕

Who named it Shauchalay and not "Soch-alay"

Who called it long distance relationships and not eBae.

Who called it "Rastrapati Bhawan" and not "Presidence"

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