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IKTARFA – Euphoria's New Melody Depicts A 'One-Sided', 'Classic' Love Story Featuring Kinshuk Sen

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen has launched the official music video of his latest single 'Iktarfa', from the OST of the short film by the same name. The film, as the title says, portrays a 'one-sided' love affair.

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With the short film, ‘Jiya Jaye’, receiving rave reviews by the critics and the audience alike, Euphoria again presents Kinshuk Sen, along with Pavitra Mattoo, in the short film.

The protagonist (Kinshuk) is in love with a runaway bride, who, apparently, does not reciprocate the feelings. The simpleton is, in fact, the third wheel in the girl's love story with another guy. But does the destiny have different plans for these two? Is Kinshuk's love actually one-sided?

Written by Dahlia Sen Oberoi, and directed by Palash Sen, the short film portrays the essence of true love. Kinshuk Sen seems to have lived the character of the homeboy to the T, making the short film and hence, the music video class apart.

Tune in to Gaana app to listen to the melodious track 'Iktarfa' by Euphoria or watch the music video on Youtube

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Here are the reactions from Twitter world:

So I was stoned this afternoon and saw this in suggestion ❤️ In love with this song completely.

I didn't know why everyone was praising this song so I got curious and played it. And I can't get over it. You should watch it too

Guy : When do we do it? Girl : After marriage Guy *trying to impress her* :

When you propose your crush and he/she says yes:/

This short film by Palash Sen shows a guy helping his love to marry someone else. Seems like the biopic of L K Advani 🤣

GF : abhi nahin yeh sab shaadi ke baad CA aspirant BF :

When you finally manage to deposit cash in your SBI account

Do watch this short movie & enjoy !

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