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Hilarious Puns On HR Department

For some reason many people dislike the HR department at their work place. Puns/Jokes on HR departments are not a new thing but people's creativity and humor always amazes me. Here are some of the best hilarious puns on HR. Hope you like them.

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Sab HR wale hai harami hai. #JanHitMeJari

Friendship ends when friend ask for your HR's email-id.

HR: jindagi ka sabse bada dhoka kya Tha? Interviewee: ki Graduation ke baad job mil jati hai.

Life is full of surprises you know. Like today, I met this HR lady who was actually doing something productive for the company!

Rangoli making and Decoration competitions in Corporates during Diwali is nothing else but just HR's way of living their dream!

*Bete tum pura din ghar pe baithe ho* *HR banoge ?*

HR : you have a gap of 1 Year Me : yes, I wasn't getting job HR : we can't offer you this job Me : why HR : because you have a gap of 1year

HR professionals/consultants are Linkedin celebrities.

Me : I committed a murder in the office campus and buried the body here. HR guy : but you should wear proper formal clothes to work.

Negotiation round with HR is basically आय पे चर्चा

HR professionals are potential auto drivers. Keep rejecting people for no reason.

*Interview at PETA* HR: Tell me something abt yourself Candidate: Hi my name is Manish Jain and... HR: bas kaafi hai, Monday se join kar lo

Always wanted to be an HR ,so that i could listen to people's issues & reply " This is against our policy" in the end to see their reactions

MBA marketing mein karo, HR to mummy bhi daalti hai aam ka.

When the HR manager is serving notice period

Wonder why do people write "HR Professional" in their bios and CVs. It's an oxymoron.

HR: Tell me something about your qualification.

Pic 1: What HR department is supposed to do. Pic 2: What they actually do.

If you can manage two kids peacefully for few hours, you can totally become the HR manager of a Multinational Company.

HR - We will give you a reply soon. Me - *Goes to Mars, drinks water, returns back to Earth, dies* HR - Your CV has been shortlisted

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