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Things Fast Food Workers Want You To Know

There is a negative stereotype that comes attached to working in fast food and it is usually unwarranted. Just remember, don't mess with people that prepare your food.

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We Can't Give You Free Food, It's All Inventoried


No I cannot throw in a 'cheeky' extra portion of chips or an extra piece of chicken. I will end up in a world of shit with my boss. We aren't even allowed free stuff. You are not special, just the same as every other chancing bastard.

We Judge You, Alot


We are definitely judging you. If you visit us more than three times a week then you probably have a nickname that has something to do with your recurring order or an unflattering feature you have. If you come to the drive thru hungover and in your pjs, with last nights make up and hair like you've been dragged through a bush, we talk about you when you leave.

We Do Not Make The Prices

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This is important. The price is fixed and it cannot be changed for anyone. Giving off about it will not make it cost any less. Do not order two of every item off the menu like you are boarding Noah's food ark and then ask why it costs so much.

There Are Bins For A Reason


The bins in the seating area are not for decoration, they actually function. Please do not leave all your rubbish at the table when you are done. Put it in the bin! We are not waiters and waitresses, it is not our job to clear up your leftover food.

The Customer Is Usually Wrong


They will never admit it, but they are. They either ask for an item that we don't do or call it something else entirely. Don't go to KFC and ask for a Chicken Legend and then argue that "you definitely did it last week". That is wrong. Don't order something other than what you actually wanted because that too is very wrong.

Food Can Run Out..Keep Calm


If we run out of certain food or promotional items, do not treat us like we personally ate it all. It is not our fault. Calm down please. Food, like all things, can run out if it is busier than expected that day. More importantly, don't arrive at five minutes to closing expecting us to still have all our stock. It isn't going to happen, we want to go home and cooking food from scratch at that time means a lot of waste and all the staff having to stay later just for you. By all means you can have it still frozen if you like..

Don't Change Your Mind Last Minute


When a customer watches you key the order in and then changes their mind when you tell them the price. *Shivers*. It isn't as simple as that. The entire till is now buggered because of your incompetence which means the rest of our shift will be spent trying to fix it.

We Know When You Are Lying


Don't try and say that certain items aren't in the bag when several members of staff prepared it and then watched it be put into the bag. Don't claim the food was poisoned in some way or that we put pubes in it last time you were here, which was like a year ago and you want a free meal now. We know when you are lying to get free food.

It Isn't A Common Occurrence For People To Spit In Your Food / Via

We may feel like it. God we feel like it.. But we don't do it because it is gross. The most we will do is something passive aggressive like draw a dick in your sauce or choose the crappiest pieces of food to give you. There are instances of people spitting in food or rubbing it in their arm pits but these are rare. Please remember if we wanted to, we could.

Please Don't Pay in Small Change When It's Busy


Massive pet peeve for many. If it's a Friday and it's dinner time then please don't empty your piggy bank onto the counter. You hold up the queue, which will result in other customers hurling abuse at us. We DO have to count it and we cannot just take your word that it is correct. Mainly because usually it is wrong.

It Comes Fast Or It Comes Quality


If you go to a fast food place then you shouldn't expect five star dining. Typically you either get food that is super fast, but with poor quality or a bit slower and fresh. Many people want both. They don't want to wait for better quality food (waiting meaning five minutes) but are eager to complain when the quality is poor but they were served quickly. Food needs cooked. It isn't some sort of black magic. It can be hard to get a balance. Our advice, wait a bit longer for the better quality or you will end up with reheated fries and a ten minute old burger.

We Are Not Stupid


A misconception about fast food workers is that we are all total idiots. This is not true. Though it is not the most glamorous job in the world, it needs to be done and everyone needs a job. No one goes into a job in fast food and decides it is their career forever. So when people ask if we can count or condescend us every day, we begin get a little bit pissed off. Especially when the majority of the customers have less brain cells than an ketchup dip. It takes a lot of nerve to be treated that poorly day in and day out.

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