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The 12 Highest Moments From Viceland

Pot, ganja, grass, herb... There are many names and many ways to understand this one-of-a-kind drug. On Viceland, the new TV channel from Vice, they're exploring the weird, wild world of weed from all angles.

1. First, there was that time Schoolboy Q and Action Bronson partied with a $20,000 T. Rex bong!

2. And Earl Sweatshirt also rolled through to get trippy with Action and the aliens.

3. And then when Action did dabs while getting a massage.

4. Who could forget when Bushwick Bill smoked that PCP-laced joint on Party Legends?

5. Or the time Krishna Andavolu got high with a real-life swami in the Emerald Triangle?

6. Then there was that time Abdullah got serious in a field of stickly, prickly purple buds.

7. And Martina had to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

8. Then Wilbert tried dabbing for the first time.

9. And transcended being stoned into a state of blissed-out nirvana.

10. Also when Eddie Huang scarfed drugged tacos in Mexico.

11. But less appetizing was that crazy time Team Chocolate smoked in a skate park and Johnny Jones drank his own pee.

12. Sometimes the stoned kids on Weediquette act more mature than those stoner skaters.

Although still taboo in some circles, marijuana is definitely going through a moment. Check out Viceland to find your local channel number and tune in to get the inside scoop on all the ways we're blazing down these days.