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11 "Desus & Mero" Quotes That Will Make You Look Woke AF

America's gonna get real interesting now. Tune in to Viceland, and let Desus and Mero keep you up on what's really going on.

1. When Mero pointed out that people like to go in on mainstream media...on mainstream media.

2. When they hushed all this chatter about robots replacing men in the bedroom.

3. When they called an emergency session with Deray McKesson to talk us off the ledge on 11/9.

4. When they let you know how to say Gucci Mane's name correctly, so you can drop it at parties with some confidence.

5. When they reminded us that there's more than one way to lose the respect of your dog.

6. When Mero explained why white people should stick to their own water fountains.

7. When the boys broke down what was really going down at the infamous top-secret Romney/Trump dinner.

8. When Desus pointed out that Trump's flirtations with white supremacists are almost like he's out here looking to take L's.

9. When they warned you that Attorney General Rudy Giuliani would blow your buzz. Literally.

10. When they kept it all the way real on your half-assed "safety pin" activist movement.

11. When Desus shouted out that "clinical exhaustion" is for rich folks and that "regular-ass exhaustion" is what the rest of us get.

For more real talk, check in on Desus and Mero on Viceland. Stay woke, y'all.