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More Sexy Justin Bieber Newdz Leaked

Justin Bieber nudez confirmed. Noisey uncovers 6 new sexy shots. Click here for all pics or just view the ones below.

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Justin Bieber's computer was stolen and inevitably, nude photos have leaked. The only problem is that the model in question has been decapitated by the camera's frame. Debate has arisen as to the validity of the nudes, and you can call it wishful thinking, but we here at Noisey have a hunch that the undressed hunk's trunk is the real deal Bieber's beaver. Still, in the search for the truth, we ventured into the seedy digital black market in search of the source, and have returned with a bounty of EVEN MORE SEXY SHOTS OF STRIPTEASE! Our photoshop experts assure us these photos are 100% legit, we couldn't publish this stuff if it weren't true.

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