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16 Unwritten Rules Of The Early 2000s

Some rules don't need to be said out loud. Take a stroll down memory lane this summer with VH1’s I Love the 2000s, June 17-21!

1. You were kind of obligated to be Fred Durst or a Limp Bizkit “Rollin’” girl for Halloween in 2001.

2. You had to have an awesome midi ringtone and know all the T9 shortcuts.

3. This was how you measured the success of your day.

4. It was important to know EXACTLY how you would welcome the world to your home...

5. Your platform sandals had to be at least three inches thick.

6. This gave you feelings. Like lots of feelings.

7. If it didn't come in velour, you didn't see the point.

8. While we're talking about fashion, hemp necklaces and ironic "vintage" t-shirts were a must.

9. Every girl had to have at least one jean skirt in her closet...

10. ...and novelty trucker hats were the perfect accessory.

11. If you were getting tattooed, it had to be of a star, a nautical star, or a dolphin jumping over some kind of star with waves in it.

12. You saw this in the theater...

13. You would be ousted from your social circle if you ever said anything bad about a certain scented store.

14. You had to have a stance on how you felt about the alliances on Survivor.

15. If you were attending any formal party, creativity was required to jazz up your updo.

16. And above all else, you vowed always to remember where you were when Nipplegate happened.